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  • Plastic Rubber Coated Mounting Magnet
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  • Rubber Coated Mounting Magnet, Magnetic System with Plastic Coating, Rubber Magnetic Assembly, rubber coated neodymium pot magnet/ holding magnet, Plastic Covered NdFeB Magnet System Assembly

    Rubber Coated Mounting Magnet Feature:
    Part No. RCMS08-48
    D 48 mm
    H 6.6 mm
    h 6 mm
    Pull Force 270 N
    Weight 46 g
    Temperature 80 °C
    Grade N35
    Material: Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)
    The Flat holding magnet with black plastic coat magnet systems are equipped with 6 high-power magnets and are well suited for positioning and holding of tank bags for motorcycles. They are surrounded by a black plastic casing.

    Small, handy magnet system with 48mm diameter. The 6 wechselpol built NdFeB magnets in combination with the backing plate give a “strong” power–size ratio. Use this system as for attaching tank bags on motorbike or for fixing garlands binding on the hood.

    Santoprene Rubber plastic coating for scratch-free clamping
    Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces
    Extremely good sheer forces – high resistance to sliding
    Protects surfaces such as lacquered mild steel car body work
    Excellent as Sign Magnets and Lighting Magnets, etc; Superior performance Boutique Magnets
    Maximum recommended operating temperature is 80°C

    Strong magnets can pose a serious pinch hazard resulting from their attractive force on each other and to all ferrous materials. Ferrous materials should be kept far away from magnets. Large magnets are strong enough to severely pinch fingers and other body parts, as well as, break bones. Their large magnetic force can cause magnets to jump out of your hand grip and snap together with great force. Always use a strong grip and handle with great care.

    Magnets are not to be cut, drilled, sawed, or machined in any way unless done so by an experienced professional. Dust from cutting, drilling, sawing, or machining magnets is very flammable and creates toxic fumes which are very dangerous when inhaled. grip magnets assembly

    Magnets are packed very carefully to ensure that any magnetic fields are well contained within the packages. Steel box liners are used to close out the external magnetic fields. This is done to make sure that each package is safe and complies with all postal regulations.

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