Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll Plain Brown PVC Adhesive

/Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll Plain Brown PVC Adhesive
  • Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll Plain Brown PVC Adhesive
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    Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll Plain Brown PVC Adhesive Overview
    Item No.: FM-FMT-04
    Type: Permanent, Flexible, Ferrite Ceramic
    Composite: Soft Rubber Ferrite Magnet
    Material: Flexible Ferrite
    Style Rare Earth strip magnet self-adhesive
    Premium self-adhesive.
    Style Rare Earth Strip Magnet
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    Description of Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll
    Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll is made from Strontium magnetic ferrite powder and rubber binder then make into sheets and strips. it can be used for a vast array of end applications.We have a huge selection of Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll that can be purchased By The customized size, it can be plain brown sheets, laminate with white and colored vinyl and with acrylic adhesive.

    Available Size of Magnet Sheet Roll
    Rubber Sheet Rolls are available in a wide range.
    .012″, .015″ and .020″ – Ideal for advertising specialties; lowest cost and weight.
    .030″ – Recommended for vehicle signage; strong enough for wind sheer at highway vehicle speeds.
    .060″ – Customer preference for applications requiring higher strength and thicker profile.
    Format: 24″ 40″ 48″ 50″ 54″ 60″.
    Standard Length: 50ft, 100ft, Master Roll.

    Features & Characteristics of Rubber Magnetic Sheet Roll
    are sold in magnetic strips or magnetic sheeting with adhesive, as plain or with a white vinyl finish. We also offer write-on magnetic sheets that are laminated with a white PET film on the magnet surface.

    Applications of Rubber Magnetic Sheet Roll
    can be used for all kinds of warehouse and office labeling applications, arts and crafts projects, magnetic signs, POP displays, visuals, architectural planning charts, relocating items, and more. Our write-on magnets are also ideal for visual aids, classrooms, and labs.

    Custom Orders for Rubber Magnetic Sheet Roll
    We can also custom slit or score rolls of magnetic sheeting and strips to your exact specifications. you can send us a special request, and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most economical solution for whatever your design or project requires.  Color Magnetic Sheet Laminate with Glossy Matte PVC

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