Self-adhesive Neodymium Rubber Magnet Tape

/Self-adhesive Neodymium Rubber Magnet Tape
  • Self-adhesive Neodymium Rubber Magnet Tape
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    Self-adhesive Neodymium Rubber Magnet Tape Overview
    Item No.: FM-NMT-14
    Type: Permanent, Flexible, Neodymium
    Composite: Soft Rubber NdFeB Magnet
    Material: Flexible Neodymium
    Style Rare Earth strip magnet self-adhesive
    3M double-sided tape soft magnetic strips
    Size: 15*2mm*5M (1M)
    Coating: surface coating UV oil, no magnetic surface with 3M double-sided tape
    Magnetic direction: the other side has no magnetism on the other side
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    The neodymium power magnetic tape is extremely versatile, easy to cut to size and removable and can be helpful in a wide variety of areas. For a long time, magnetic foils and tapes could only be made from ferrite. However, these only have a fraction of the adhesive force of neodymium magnets.
    As the demand for stronger adhesive material has increased over the years, neodymium power magnetic tape has therefore been developed, which has a holding force or adhesion of up to 415 g / cm².
    With ferro-band magnets, however, this is only about 102 g / cm².
    Neodymium magnetic strips are therefore four times as strong on average.
    The adhesive tape is therefore predestined for particularly demanding fastening solutions. To ensure that it perfectly meets the high standards, the parts are also provided with high-quality 3M adhesive. This ensures that the tape also securely holds comparatively heavy objects to the adhesive back. Self-adhesive Neodymium Rare Earth Flexible Strip Magnet

    Uses for our Rare Earth NeoFlex Magnetic Tape:
    As the name suggests, this NeoFlex 1 metre length of adhesive-backed magnetic tape contains super-strong Neodymium magnetic material within a rubberised medium that gives it excellent flexibility. The addition of versatile and super-strong 3M VHB 4910 adhesive backing to the powerful Neodymium tape results in the ultimate magnetic product that can bond strongly and instantly to a huge range of surfaces including sleek, lightweight modern materials that would otherwise lose structural integrity if attached using traditional penetrative fasteners.  Self-adhesive Backing Rare Earth Magnetic Strip

    The VHB 4910 adhesive backing takes an already state of the art NeoFlex magnetic tape product to a new level. Industrial-grade levels of adhesion are obtained with VHB 4910 adhesive and this allows architects and engineers to reconsider design and construction methods where power tools and mechanical fasteners have previously been typical requirements. Strong Neodymium Flexible Magnetic Tape Adhesive-backed

    3M VHB 4910 adheres instantly without the usual curing period associated with common glues and bonds strongly with a multitude of materials including sealed timber, sealed concrete, glass, metals, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate and most painted surfaces. VHB 4910 adheres permanently and is highly heat resistant which makes it an excellent alternative to welds, rivets and screws.The reduction in assembly time and employee skill levels makes the innovative VHB 4910 backed NeoFlex® magnetic tape a serious alternative contender for modern construction techniques and product designs that want to avoid using unsightly conventional fasteners and the usual construction and maintenance costs. Neodymium Magnetic Stripping Self Adhesive Backing

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