Sintered Alnico Bar Magnets 75mm x 12mm x 6mm Red/Blue

/Sintered Alnico Bar Magnets 75mm x 12mm x 6mm Red/Blue
  • Sintered Alnico Bar Magnets 75mm x 12mm x 6mm RedBlue
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  • Sintered Alnico Bar Magnets 75mm x 12mm x 6mm Red/Blue N/S Marked, AlNiCo Block magnet teaching school Bar sharp Educational Magnet, Nth Sth Marking Alnico blocks aluminum-nickel-cobalt, Alnico Rectangular Bar Magnets China supplier factory

    Sintered Alnico Bar Magnets Parameter:

    Product No.: MPABM-751206
    Length: 75 mm
    Width: 12mm
    Thickness: 6mm
    Direction of Magnetism: Through Length

    Alnico block magnets are the modern day work horses of the magnet family. What they lack in design finesse and flash coatings or coloring they more than compensate with versatility. Alnico blocks are indispensable in modifying, amplifying and clarifying audio signals (high fidelity sound). They are also used in sensors for monitoring almost everything via gauges, meters and valves,
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: AlNiCo Magnet
    Shape: U- shape, horseshoe shape, bar shape,cylinder shape
    Application: Industrial Magnet
    Product name: Bar sharp Educational Magnet
    Size: 60*15*5mm
    Custom Design: Welcome
    Material: Alnico 5 magnet, Alnico 3 magnet, Ferrite magnets Y25,…
    Color: N-red /S-blue,or other painting color as per customer’s request
    Service: According to customer’s requirements
    Sample: Available
    North and South Pole: North & South Identified
    Working Temperature: 350~500℃
    Density: Ferrite magnet 4.8g/cm3, Alnico magnet/7.3g/cm3

    They have marginally lower magnetic properties, but better mechanical properties, than cast Alnico. Their fine grain structure results in highly uniform flux distributions and mechanical strength. So they are suited for applications requiring short magnets. Educational Block Alnico Magnet 60mm x 15mm x 5mm
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    sintered alnico magnets
    custom sintered alnico magnet
    table for grades and properties of cast Alnico magnets.
    Sintered Alnico Magnet Grades & Properties
    Br: Residual Induction
    Gs: Gauss
    Hc: Coercive Force
    Oe: Oersted
    Bd Hd: Maximum Energy Product
    ˚F: Degree Fahrenheit
    Standard Tolerances (inches);
    Rod – Diameter (±0.002), Length (±0.005)
    Rectangle – Length & Width (±0.01), Thickness (±0.005)
    Ring – Outside Diameter (±0.002), Inside Diameter (±0.02), Thickness (±0.005)

    Square and rectangular Cast or Sintered Alnico magnets can be magnetized with two poles (“N” & “S”) thru the length, width, thickness and with multiple poles.
    Round Alnico magnet can be magnetized with two poles (“N” & “S”) the thickness, diametrically and with multiple poles.
    Ring Alnico magnet can be magnetized with two poles (“N” & “S”) thru the thickness, diametrically and with multi poles. Contact us for magnetism direction of irregular shapes.

    Grade MMPA Br  Hcb (BH)max Tc Tw T.C.α(Br) Density
    mT/Gs Ka/m/Oe Kj/m3/MGOe °C °C %/°C g/cm3
    Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical
    FLN8 S.ALNICO3 500/5000 40/500 8/1.00 760 450 -0.022 6.9
    FLNG12 S.ALNICO2 700/7000 48/600 12/1.50 810 450 -0.014 7.1
    FLNGT18 S.ALNICO7 600/6000 90/1130 18/2.20 860 450 -0.02 7.3
    FLNG34 S.ALNICO5 1200/12000 48/600 34/4.25 890 450 -0.016 7.3
    FLNGT28 S.ALNICO6 1050/10500 56/700 28/3.50 850 450 -0.02 7.3
    FLNGT38 S.ALNICO8 800/8000 120/1500 38/4.75 850 450 -0.02 7.3
    FLNGT42 S.ALNICO8 880/8800 120/1500 42/5.25 820 450 -0.02 7.3
    FLNGT33J S.ALNICO8HC 700/7000 140/1750 33/4.13 850 450 -0.025 7.3
    FLNGT36J S.ALNICO8 700/7000 140/1750 36/4.50 850 450 -0.025 7.3
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