Sintered Anisotropic Ferrite Cube Magnet 50.8mm

/Sintered Anisotropic Ferrite Cube Magnet 50.8mm
  • Sintered Anisotropic Ferrite Cube Magnet 50.8mm
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  • Sintered Anisotropic Ferrite Cube Magnet 50.8mm, Customized Drawing Cheap Cube Block Plate Shape Ceramic Ferrite Magnet Wholesale, Multi-Poles Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Square Magnet, Buy Permanent Rectangular Block Cube Isotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnet China Manufactory

    Sintered Anisotropic Ferrite Cube Magnet 50.8mm feature:
    Item No. MPFB-50.8
    Material: isotropic & anisotropic ferrite / ceramic
    Size:  50.8mm length *  50.8mm width *  50.8mm thickness
    Shape: Bar, Block, Rectangular
    Style: Hard Sintered Ferrite / Ceramic
    Type: Permanent
    Grade: Y10, Y40, Y10T  Y25  Y30  Y33  Y35  Y30BH  Y33BH

    2″ (50.8mm) Cube Magnet. 2 square magnets 2″ length x 2″ width x 1″ thick glued together. Sold as single piece. C8 Ceramic Cube Magnets magnetized. Not plated. Neodymium Magnets Magnetic Cube

    Cube Magnets have a uniform field from north to south pole. The shape of the magnetic field allows for an even distribution of the field around all sides of the magnet. Cube magnets are a great option for an application where a consistent magnetic field is required around the entire magnet.

    Depending upon the size of the cube magnet that is required, it can be used in many applications. This includes as a sensor magnet, hobby magnet, robotics magnet, automotive magnet, and holding magnet. Choosing the correct cube magnet will ensure the most effective magnetic field for your specific application.

    The engineering and manufacturing sister company of MPCO Magnetics, has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their R&D projects, sensor magnets, medical magnets, and halbach arrays.

    Ceramic blocks (sometimes called Ferrite block) are available in several different sizes. Ceramic/Ferrite magnets are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet. Large ceramic block magnets are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller ferrite blocks are commonly used in motors. Any machining of ferrite blocks must be done with a diamond wheel, ideally before magnetization, as they are hard and brittle. These are medium strength magnets.C8 Anisotropic Ceramic Cylinder Rod Bar Magnet Not Plated

    Magnetic Properties of Ferrite Magnets
    National standard

    Grade Value
    Br Hcb(BHC) Hcj(IHC) (BH)max
    mT KG KA/m KOe KA/m KOe Kj/m3 MGOe
    Y10T(=C1) 200/218 2.00/2.18 125/145 1.57/1.82 210/250 2.64/3.14 6.5/8.0 0.8/1.0
    Y25 360/370 3.60/3.70 135/150 1.70/1.88 140/170 1.76/2.14 22.5/25.3 2.8/3.2
    Y30(=C5) 380/385 3.80/3.85 191/210 2.40/2.64 199/220 2.50/2.51 26.0/28 3.4/3.7
    Y30BH 380/390 3.80/3.90 223/235 2.80/2.95 231/245 2.90/3.08 27.0/30.0 3.4/3.7
    Y33 410/420 4.10/4.20 220/235 2.77/2.95 225/240 2.83/3.01 31.5/33.0 4.0/4.2
    Y35 400/410 4.00/4.10 175/195 2.20/2.45 180/200 2.26/2.51 30.0/32.0 3.8/4.0
    C8(=C8A) 385/390 3.85/3.90 235/255 2.95/3.20 242/265 3.05/3.33 27.8/30.0 3.5/3.7
    C10 400/410 4.00/4.10 288/300 3.62/3.77 280/287 3.51/3.60 30.4/31.9 3.8/4.0


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