Sintered Ferrite Permanent Multipole Magnet Rings for Stepping Motor

/Sintered Ferrite Permanent Multipole Magnet Rings for Stepping Motor
  • Sintered Ferrite Permanent Multipole Magnet Rings for Stepping Motor
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  • Sintered Ferrite Permanent Multipole Magnet Rings for Stepping Motor, Permanent Ceramic Multipole Magnet Rings Ferrite Sintered Magnet, Stepping Motor Hard Ferrite Isotropic Magnets

    Sintered Ferrite Permanent Multipole Magnet Rings for Stepping Motor Description

    The Permanent ferrite magnet is made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 by ceramic processing technology.The texture is relatively hard, brittle material.According to the different orientation of the crystal , it can be divided into isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets. Due to the ferrite has good temperature resistance with low cost, which has become one of the most used magnets.

    The products of the company are with precision size, stable performance, excellent quality products; the diameter is in the range of 10mm-80mm, from 2 poles to 48 poles with variety of specifications, we can supply sine wave, trapezoidal wave, square wave and other magnetizing waveform. High performance of the products and the surface magnetic flux density can reach from 1200 GS to 2100GS.

    The products are widely used in Brushless DC motor, precision servo motor, permanent magnet motor, micro motor, instrumentation, magnetic drive, magnetic therapy devices,etc.

    Isotropic sintered ferrite magnets’ magnetic properties are low, they have nearly the same magnetic properties in all directions,can be magnetized in many different directions in multi-poles; magnetic hall effect sensor magnet

    Dry Press radial multipole ferrite magnetic ring includes molding, sintering, grinding machining, injection molding and magnetizing processes. The Products are with excellent performance, especially for the dry pressing anisotropic magnetic ring witch the highest magnetic density is up to 1600-1700GS. According to customer’s requirements to design and development as well provide all kinds of injection molding magnets. The products are widely used in synchronous motor. Micro motor, pump motor, toy motors, sensors, electronic instruments and other fields.

    Manuafacturing Process and Magnetization

    1. With dry process can produce isotropic & anisotropic magnets, the tool can be changed and developed easily.
    2. With wet process only can produce anisotropic magnets,it is complicated to change the tool and the tooling charge is high.
    3. Isotropic ferrite magnets can be magnetized in any direction.
    4. Anisotropic ferrite magnets are all oriented in the manufacturing direction, and can be magnetized in the direction of orientation.

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