SmCo Cylindrical Pot Magnet w/ Fitting Tolerance h6 and Internal Thread

/SmCo Cylindrical Pot Magnet w/ Fitting Tolerance h6 and Internal Thread
  • SmCo Cylindrical Pot Magnet w Fitting Tolerance h6 and Internal Thread
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  • SmCo Cylindrical Pot Magnet w/ Fitting Tolerance h6 and Internal Thread, Magnetic core SmCo deep pot magnet, magnet system, Holding Cup Magnets with Fitting Tolerance, Mounting Magnet & Cylindrical Bar Rod Pot Magnet

    SmCo Cylindrical Pot Magnet w/ Fitting Tolerance h6 and Internal Thread Item No. MP-DPB-SmB series
    Housing brass.
    Magnetic core SmCo.
    Note: Smooth design, shielded system. Diameter “D” ground with h6 tolerance. Under no circumstances may SmCo magnets be pressed directly into iron, loss of attractive force due to magnetic short circuits occurs. SmCo magnets are especially suitable for direct use in spot-welding machines, as no demagnetisation occurs.
    Deep pot magnets can be shortened by the dimension “H1” with no loss of magnetic force.
    Temperature range: max. 200°C.

    The permanent pot magnets must not be exposed to radioactive radiations for longer duration as it might effect their magnetic strength. This can work within permissible temperature. If these magnets are used beyond permissible temperature limit it might again affect their magnetic strength.
    Workable Temperature of Pot Magnets
    Alnico pot magnets: 3.6 ~ 3.8 g/cm3
    Ceramic pot magnets :92 ~ 97 Hs (A)
    Neoflux pot magnets: 58 ~ 78 kg/cm2
    Samarium cobalt pot magnets: 125 ~ 165 %
    Pot electromagnets pot magnets: 180° C

    Potential possibilities with Pot Magnets. Deep Pot SmCo Magnets Brass Body with Fitting Tolerance h6
    Permanent pot magnets. Powerful magnets with a focused magnetic field. Pot magnets are often used as tools for various activities in workshops and in industry. Pot magnets daily render invaluable manual and clamping services in fixing metallic pieces of work forn processes such as cutting, milling and drilling. An important property of pot magnets is the fact that the magnetic field is restricted to the pole surface – the other sides demonstrate no magnetic effects. This does protect the immediate environment from unwanted magnetic influences.

    MPCO Magnet pot structure systems are completely resistant to demagnetising fields and maintain their holding force indefinitely. Even the effect of strong magnetic opposing fields resulting from spot welding and hard mechanical impacts does not weaken this force.

    Magnets deep pot SmCo, Form B drawing

    Magnets deep pot SmCo, Form B drawing


    Item No. Form D D1 H T Magnetic
    force N
    to iron
    MP-DPB-SmB6 B 6 M3 20 5 8 1,5
    MP-DPB-SmB8 B 8 M3 20 5 22 1,5
    MP-DPB-SmB10 B 10 M4 20 7 40 2
    MP-DPB-SmB13 B 13 M4 20 7 60 2,5
    MP-DPB-SmB16 B 16 M4 25 8 125 3
    MP-DPB-SmB20 B 20 M6 25 6 250 4
    MP-DPB-SmB25 B 25 M6 35 8 400 5
    MP-DPB-SmB32 B 32 M6 40 6 600 6
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