Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core

/Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core
  • Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core
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    Product Name: Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core
    Item Code: Rod R Type
    Type: Soft
    Composite: Ferrite Magnet (NiZn/MnZn)
    A. Excellent quality
    B. Reasonable price
    C. A variety of specifications
    D. More than 10 years experience
    E. Delivery timely
    Application: Industrial Magnet, magnetic ferrite, power transformers, and inductors
    Main Feature: EMI use, They are widely used in computers, tele-communication equipment, consumer’s electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc.
    Packaging Details: According to customers’ requirement
    Delivery Detail: 30-60days

    Ferrite core
    Ferrite bead Cores R6*25mm NiZn soft High frequency anti-interference SMPS RF Ferrite magnets inductance
    Soft Iron Nizn Ferrite Core Type R For EMI Noise Filter
    Ferrite Bar Core is a cylindrical ferrite core, can be easily assembly with a spring coil or wind wire directly. It’s widely used for radio antenna, LF/HF RFID antenna, choke coil, inductor, DC power filter, DC signal filter and transformer. Due to the open magnetic structure, the core can accept large DC bias before saturate.
    Certification SGS-ROHS, ISO9001
    Payment T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Credit Card
    Packing Standard Export packageing by Pearl cotton, molded paper sheet, plastic trays,shrink wrap, or as customer’s request.
    Sample 1~10 pcs of free samples as per detailed project
    Application radio antenna, LF/HF RFID antenna, choke coil, inductor, DC power filter, DC signal filter and transformer.

    NiZn ferrite bar core
    1.Name: Soft iron core / ferrite core for ferrite core choke coil
    2.Inductance: 1uh-100mh , Current: 0.1-200A
    3. Shape: bar or customized RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI
    4.Material: NI-ZN,PC40, Iron powder , Mn-zn
    5.Applications: for choke coils inductor RID Two Holes NiZn EMI Ferrite RID Core for Balun Transformer
    We’re one of the largest coil manufacturers with 10 years experience in manufacturing the electronic components in China, mainly produce air core coil, inductor, connector, high power inductor and capacitor. We would like to supply high-quality products and satisfy every customer’s needs. Custom NiZn Ferrite Core for EMI DnH Type

    Because of their magnetic characteristics, ferrites are used in the construction of antennas, the manufacture of coils and transformer, and as suppressors within devices and computers. In principle they are simply magnets. Despite their brittleness due to their ceramic material of iron oxide and other metal oxides, they are still used universally in all areas of electrotechnology. The background to this is that any movement of charge within a conductor – for instance currents flowing in wires, or computer power supplies – creates electromagnetic and magnetostatic effects on the immediate environment. The resulting stray magnetic fields can cause interference in adjoining electronic circuits. Ferrites have the capability to compensate these effects in a positive sense. R Type EMI Ferrite Rod Core

    Our products include:
    Inductor&Transformer,Toroidal coil, ferrite rod inductor,smd inductor, common mode choke, high current transformer,high power switch transformer.
    Toroidal core, Rid core, Drum core, Rod core,Clamp core(SCRC/SCNF),sleeve core(RH),EE core, EC core,ED core,U core,EFD core, ET/FT core,PQ core, I core,EPC core,Cut core, UY core, URS core,SQ core,EI core,RM core,PM core,ATQ core,EP core….



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