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    Mode: Soft Mn-zn Ferrite RQ Cores  (RQ Type MnZn Soft Ferrite Core)
    Material: MnZn.(Manganese,Zinc)
    Application:  Line Filter,choke coil, light driver transformer.
    Initial Permeability: Initial permeability,
    Ui :2000-15000,include power and high permeability material
    Certificated: ISO9001-2008, SGS-ROHS.
    MOQ: No MOQ for the trial order.
    Samples: 10-50pcs free samples for freight collect.
    Features: Working frequency below 1MHZ, 1khz,10khz,100khz-500khz with good performance inductance AL value and small core loss.common material is MnZn power material . Curie TC>200C°.
    Necessary information before quote:  Product size,material or characteristic or testing datasheet,order quantity, usage, it will be better if can provide drawing,other special requirements, like package..
    Why choose us:
    1.12 years experiences in ferrite core manufacturer.
    2.Accepted customized special size products.
    3.Materials Covered ferrite NiZn,MnZn,Nanocrystalline,Iron powder.
    4.Reasonable price with good quality and delivery time.
    5.Better aftersales services

    1.Type: PM core/Toroidal Core/EE Core/EC Core/PQ Core/RM Core/UU/UF/UYF Core/UI Core/EFD Core/RM Core/PM Core/POT Core/ DT/T/Toroial Core/ATQ ferrite core.
    2.Compostion: Mn-Zn ferrite power.
    3.Grade: RM2.3KD,RM3.3KD.
    4.Environment: RoHS.
    5.Certification: ISO9001:2000.
    Fast and large batch supply capacity.
    Low Loss and High Frequency.
    Competitive price.

    General Description
    Iron powder cores may come in numerous sizes and configurations, each of which is available in different materials. However the toroidal cores are the most efficient configurations due to its highly shelf-shielding characteristic. Iron powder toroidal core is seldem necessary to shield a toroidal inductor as most of the flux lines are contained within the core.

    The maximum operating temperature of toroidal cores is 150oC. Soft Transformer Ferrite RP Cores
    The toroidal cores are coated with epoxy resin with minimum 500V AC breakdown. URS18.5 FBT Flyback Transformer Ferrite Cores
    The toroidal shape provides good magnetic flux coupling and low stray flux leakage, MnZn RP Typ Inductor Transformer Soft Ferrite Core
    The height of the toroidal shape (also referred as “thickness”) is easy to vary and requires no tooling changes. Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)
    1. This toroids products offer a simple, compact solution for making inductors, coupled inductors and transformers. MnZn Transformer Fettite URS Cores
    2. RF circuits, EC power supply chokes, motors dimmer control filters. MnZn Transformer Fettite RP Cores , URS Multi-purpose Soft Ferrite Core

    Customer’s satisfaction is our companys’ ever lasting goal. We hope our honest policy and quality goods will be your lasting choice. We promote our company with its brand-named products, along with the first-class service and top quality prdoucts. We sincerely looking forward to establishing long and mutual benefits business relation with new and old customers in the near future. Multi-purpose Soft Ferrite Core

    soft toroidal ferrite rq core dimension

    soft toroidal ferrite rq core dimension

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