Soft Toroidal Round Ferrite Ring Core

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  • Soft Toroidal Round Ferrite Ring Core
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  • Soft Toroidal Round Ferrite Ring Core, Toroidal Type EMI Ferrite Core, Toroid Ferrite Core For Indutor Coil, Emi Cores / Transformer Core, High stability toroid ferrite core for inductor and transformer, MnZn High permeability toroidal ferrite core, MnZn High flux toroidal ferrite ring T25 core paint for inductor, NiZn EMI FERRITE CORE China Supplier

    Product Name:  Soft Toroidal Round Ferrite Ring Core
    Item Code: Toroidal Type
    Type: Soft
    Composite: Ferrite Magnet (NiZn/MnZn)
    A. Excellent quality
    B. Reasonable price
    C. A variety of specifications
    D. More than 10 years experience
    E. Delivery timely
    Application: Industrial Magnet, magnetic ferrite, power transformers, and inductors
    Main Feature: EMI use, They are widely used in computers, tele-communication equipment, consumer’s electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc.
    Packaging Details: According to customers’ requirement
    Delivery Detail: 30-60days

    Ferrite Bead Core Ring Core For Rf Transformer
    Toroid core
    EMI cable ferrite cores
    Wide frequency range and high resistance ferrite cores
    Series EMI cable ferrite cores available
    Compatibility cross series brands ferrite cores
    EMI/EMC ferrite toroid core
    Splitter EMI ferrite cores
    EMI/RFI suppression toroid ferrite cores
    Multi-aperture ferrite core chokes
    toroidal ferrite core inductor
    1.Core material:MnZn Power Ferrite Magnet or NiZn EMI Soft Ferrite Core
    2.High quality and Competitive price
    3.Supply samples free with short delivery time
    4.Suitable for wide range of transformer bobbin.
    5.Supply matched Bobbin for Core
    6.Supply with the service of grind air-gap
    8.Customized are always welcome.
    EE Core
    applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer.  R Type EMI Ferrite Rod Core
    EF Core
    applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer.
    EFD Core
    Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer,choke coils.
    EPC Core
    Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer. Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core
    PQ Core
    applied in the linear filter,choke,pulse transformer,drive transformer.
    UU Core
    varieties of switching power supply transformer,coke coils et. RID Two Holes NiZn EMI Ferrite RID Core for Balun Transformer
    EC/EER/ER Core
    applied in the linear filter ,current tranformer,smoothing choke coil,drive transformer, switching power transformers and chokes.
    RM Core
    filters, inductors and transformers for telecommunication other electronic equipment.
    POT Core
    filters for telecommunication equipment,and various kinds of inductors and transformers.
    DR Core
    Choke coils, Peaking coils, Linearity coils, Alarm coils, Power choke coils, Fixed choke coils, Filtering coils,etc;
    EI Core
    Various kinds of transformers and chokes. RID Type Ferrite Balun Core NiZn for EMI
    TOROIDAL core
    Pulse and wide-band transformers, various types of filters, inductors and chokes.
    Certifications:UL BV SGS CE
    Payment:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Features:Suitable quality,Mn-zn soft magnetism ferrite core import material,low cost
    Surface treatment:Smooth
    export:All over the world
    Appliance:Home appiance, electronic,
    other:OEM and ODM order are welcome MODEN,LED,MP3
    How to purchase from us:Quotation →PI → Confirm PI → Arrange 30% deposit → Manufacture →Pay balance → Shipping.

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