Square Electromagnet DC Solenoid H404017

/Square Electromagnet DC Solenoid H404017
  • Square Electromagnet DC Solenoid H404017
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  • Square Electromagnet DC Solenoid H404017, Square Electric Lifting Magnet, Powerful Electromagnet Door Holder, IP65 Rectangular Flat-Faced Magnets, Holding Solenoid with Permanent Magnet, Square Electro Holding Magnets, Rectangle Electric Lifting Electro-Magnet, clamping, locking or holding standard  Solenoid Electromagnet China Supplier

    Square Electromagnet DC Solenoid H404017 Specifications
    Product Name open frame push pull solenoid 20kg dc electromagnet
    Model H404017 Rated Voltage DC 12v 24v
    Power 3.8-7.6w Force 200-220N
    Waterproof Class IP65 Duty Cycle 50-100%
    Cable Length 200mm Material Metal, Electronic Parts
    Action Form Holding type Weight(N.W.) 0.17kg
    Install Style Screw Thread Size & Deepth(mm) M4,17
    Hi-Pot Test AC 600V 50/60Hz 2s Insulation Class B
    Packaging Details
    Body Size 40*40*17(mm) Carton Box Size(Standard) 350*310*180(mm), accepted custom

    Square holding electromagnet
    1.Holding type, square shape, mini size, IP65 waterproof, DC solenoid electromagnet.
    2.The electromagnet need to be energised to develop suction force, widely used for holding of ferromagnetic workpieces during machining or assembly, safety mechanisms, selector devices in textiles machinery, door latching holdback devices and etc.
    3.Energised-on-holding, and release deenergised. We also offer an optional spring loaded ejector pin to overcome residual magnetism, as well as optional armature plates as a magnetic counterpart for optimum performance.
    4.Also offer custom shape and energise to release circular electromagnet

    Rectangular flat faced electromagnets are ideal for maximum holding force on flat, smooth, dry, unpainted surfaces – where the entire face of the magnet comes in direct contact with the product being handled. Designed with a center magnetic pole and utilizing the outer case as the opposite pole, Flat-Faced Electromagnets concentrate the magnetic force at the center of the magnet for superior holding power. Square Electric Lifting Magnet 10Kg 20Lbs H402520

    These electromagnets are “100% Duty Cycle.”

    An Electromagnet Switche is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. The magnetic field disappears when the current is turned off. Electromagnets usually consist of a large number of closely spaced turns of wire that create the magnetic field. The wire turns are often wound around a magnetic core made from a ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material such as iron; the magnetic core concentrates the magnetic flux and makes a more powerful magnet.

    The central principle governing electromagnetism or electromagnetic induction is Faraday’s law. We know that most of the circuits require a electromotive force or emf to drive current in the circuit but the source of emf is not always a battery. The flow of current is always associated with some magnetism. These two are always associated with each other.
    The most important application of this is electromagnetic induction which is used to generate electricity.

    We know that when number of magnetic field lines or magnetic density or more accurately magnetic flux is changed, an emf is generated. If the circuit is complete, this emf produces an electric current called as the induced current. This principle is used to generate electricity.


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