SS304 / SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter

/SS304 / SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter
  • SS304 SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter
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  • SS304 / SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter, Powerful Rod Permanent Magnet Filters, Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Bars Tubes Rods, Oil / Food Industry Grade quick clean magnetic rod filter Magnets Supplier Factory

    SS304 / SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter Technology Info’s:

    The magnetic filter rod/bar/tube made of a 304 or 316 stainless steel tube, polar plates, end-plugs, and permanent magnets. The higher the surface gauss of the tube, the higher the price. As the permanent magnets being the most expensive parts, we will tell you how unscrupulous companies reduce costs of manufacturing magnetic tubes with high surface gauss.

    1. Magnetic filter bar,Magnetic Rods,Magnetic tube(Magnetic Separator) is extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from free flowing products such as sugar, grain, tea, flour, Plastic, liquid, granulate and any other type of powder with a low moisture content. As a result, your equipment and facilities will be safe and sound, and your products will be safe for consumption. This item can be supplied with any shape frame or studded end for easy of installation.

    2. Magnetic filter bar are particularly useful for those engineers who wish to build their own separator units or have severe room restrictions and are not able to accommodate a conventional unit. All product contact parts are manufactured using stainless steel.

    3. The magnetic filter bar with special welding at the both ends without leak forever. Welding energy concentrate on welding line and do not hurt the magnet, maximal protect magnetic filed. The available magnetic area can be expanded to the limited of rod surface and without add any extra magnet. Once welded the rods are finish machined and highly polished.

    SS304 and SS316 stainless steels are commonly used materials used for manufacturing magnetic filter rods/bars/tubes. In the market, the thinnest SS304 tubes are between 0.45-0.50mm. If the tubes get any thinner, the lifespan of the said tubes will be drastically reduced.

    Due to having fewer applications and of less comprehensive specifications, the thinnest SS316 tubes are found to be between 0.75-0.80mm. This is also why magneticfilter rods/bars/tubes made of SS316 have lower surface gauss compared to tubes made of SS304. Powerful Rod Permanent Magnet Filters

    Companies are permitted to manufacture 0.5mm thick SS316 tubes (MOQ at 500kg) when there is a demand of stability in batches manufactured. However, some unscrupulous companies will manufacture magnetic tubes with only 0.3mm thick tubes, allowing for higher surface gauss using weaker magnets.

    The above mentioned methods are how costs of magnetic separations are reduced unscrupulously. Please exercise caution when purchasing magnetic filter rod/bar/tube products.

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