SS304/ SS316 Separator Magnet Water Filter

/SS304/ SS316 Separator Magnet Water Filter
  • SS304 SS316 Separator Magnet Water Filter
  • Magnetic Boiler Filter Rod For Central Heating
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  • SS304/ SS316 Separator Magnet Water Filter For Central Heating System, Affordable Magnetic Tube Separator Water Filter, Super Strong Easy-cleaning Bar Magnets, Stainless Steel NdFeB Magnetic Stick Rods, Rare Earth SmCo Neodymium magnetic rods, stainless steel encased permanent magnetic tube, SS304/316 Separator Magnetic Filter Bar Roller China supplier

    SS304/ SS316 Separator Magnet Water Filter For Central Heating Design options
    Alternative magnetic material Neodymium Ndfeb, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) , Hard Ferrite
    Tube 304 (1.4301 standard), 316L (1.4404)
    Working temperature Standard magnetic material: -20°C to +80°C Other temperatures are possible and must be agreed upon.

    magnetic filter bar-sinoneo031, 6000 Gauss
    2, 7000 Gauss
    3, 8000 Gauss
    4, 9000 Gauss
    5, 10000 Gauss
    6,11000 Gauss
    7,12000 Gauss

    magnetic boilter filter rods
    Diameter: 10mm, 15MM,22MM,25MM, or customized as your request
    Length: 90mm-2000mm, or customized as your request

    Magnetic rods are mainly made of stainless steel tubes with strong magnets sealed inside. There are magnetically conductive steel washers between adjacent magnets. By concentrating the magnetic field, the surface maximum magnetic flux density can achieve 13000 gauss. The strong magnetic field can attract iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles near the magnetic rod surface. Magnetic rods are widely used in some cleaning and separation processes, such as the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

    1. Magnetic filter bars, Magnetic Rods, Magnetic Filter tube (Magnetic Separator) is extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from free-flowing products such as sugar, grain, tea, flour, Plastic, liquid, granulate and any other type of powder with low moisture content. As a result, it will protect your equipment and facilities safe and sound, and your products will be safe to sell customers. This item can be supplied with any shape frame or studded end for easy installation.  Magnetic Boiler Filter Rod For Central Heating

    2. Magnetic filter bars are particularly useful for those engineers who wish to build their own separator units or have severe room restrictions and are not able to accommodate a conventional unit. All product contact parts are made by food-grade 304 or 316 stainless steel tube. Bar Magnetic Water Filter For Central Heating System

    3. The magnetic filter rods with special welding at both ends without leak forever. Welding energy concentrate on the welding line and do not hurt the magnet, maximal protect the magnetic field. The available magnetic area can be expanded to the limited rod surface and without adding any extra magnet. Once welded the rods are finish machined and highly polished.

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