Super NdFeB Seneor Magnet Disk N35SH D8 x2.5mm

/Super NdFeB Seneor Magnet Disk N35SH D8 x2.5mm
  • Super NdFeB Seneor Magnet Disk N35SH D8 x2.5mm
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  • Super NdFeB Seneor Magnet Disk N35SH D8 x2.5mm, Disc Magnetic Proximity Sensor Super Strong Magnet, Precision Neodymium Sensor Magnet Disk, Rare earth disc magnets for Magnet Detecting Speed Sensors, Reed Switch sensors

    Super NdFeB Seneor Magnet Disk N35SH D8 x2.5mm Technical Introduction
    Item No.: MPSNM-08025
    Magnet Size: 4mm x 2mm
    Tolerances: ±0.004″
    Material: Rare Earth NdFeB
    Grade of Neodymium: N35SH
    Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni
    Brmax: 8,900Gauss
    BHmax: 35 MGOe
    Max Temperature: 150℃
    Magnetization Direction: Axial or Diametrical
    Surface Gauss: Gauss

    Sensor Magnets, While all of our Neodymium magnets at MPCO Magnets have a strong hold with corresponding material, our Neodymium sensor magnets are one of the more intricate. Neodymium is the preferred type of component for magnets due to its strength, so when it comes to the most effective sensor magnets, MPCO Magnets offers the finest.

    high-performance position sensors which are suitable for use in industrial, medical, robotics, automotive and consumer applications. Patented technology gives all MPCO’s magnets for position sensors inherent immunity to external stray magnetic fields, making them highly robust, and lowering system cost because no shielding is needed. MPCO’s magnets for position sensors are available for use in applications governed by the most stringent safety regulations. disc magnetic proximity sensor magnet

    We provide a broad portfolio of magneto-resistive sensors for applications ranging from speed sensing and angle sensing for automotive applications to magnetic anomaly detection and E-compass navigation applications for IoT, Consumer, Medical, and Industrial Applications. Precision, reliability, high-resolution performance, and efficiency make these solutions suitable for applications that demand high accuracy and low power.

    By attaching one or more magnets to a target, it is possible to detect speed, count events, track a position, proximity or confirm alignment using a magnetic sensor. Magnetic sensors available include Hall Effect switches, Hall Effect latches, magnetoresistive sensors, and Reed switches. MPCO Magnetics offers a wide variety of digital switching sensors for the detection magnets for applications to track a speed, count, position, alignment, or confirm proximity.

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