Sword Type External Thread Rod Magnet Separator

/Sword Type External Thread Rod Magnet Separator
  • Sword Type External Thread Rod Magnet Separator
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  • Sword Type External Thread Rod Magnet Separator, Super Strong Easy-cleaning Bar Magnets, Stainless Steel NdFeB Magnetic Stick Rods, Rare Earth Neodymium magnetic rods, stainless steel encased rare earth magnetic tube, SS304/316 Separator Magnetic Filter Bar Roller, Permanent Magnetic Rod separator filter bar magnets China supplier

    Sword Type External Thread Rod Magnet Separator Specification
    12000 Gauss Neodymium Magnet Filter Bar With Handle NdFeB Magnet Bar
    Diameter: 25mm
    Length: 450mm
    Surface Gauss: 12000 Gauss
    Maximum Operating Temperature:80℃
    Product description:12000 Gauss Neodymium Magnet Filter Bar With Handle NdFeB Magnet Bar

    Magnet Tube, also named magnetic rod, tube magnet, magnetic tube, magnetic filter bar, is made from the powerful rare earth magnets (NdFeB or SmCo) or Ferrite magnets in a seamless stainless steel tube ( 304 or 316).

    Magnet Filter Tube is designed to get rid off iron or steel substances in liquor, used in various fields including the chemical industry, the foodstuff industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and etc.

    When liquor containing ferrous substances pass through the framework, the iron or steel substances will be attached to the wall of the filter bars and magnetic cartridges.

    The normal diameter of Magnet Filter Tube is available from 15mm to 40mm. Its max surface gauss can reach around 12,000GS. Sizes and lengths of the magnet filter tubes and shapes of the frameworks can vary as per clients’ requests.

    It is material suitable for food standards.
    It can be used in salty, acidic and high pressure environments.    Sealed Magnetic Bar Rod
    It can be used in liquid environments with its impermeable structure.
    It is made of high attraction neodymium magnets. In this way, it easily absorbs very small metal powders and pieces.
    The production of these neodymium magnet rods is completely owned by us and is domestic production.
    It can be used easily in environments that interact with liquid.
    Our products are produced as corrosion resistant.  Missile Bullet Headed Bar Magnet Separator

    Neodymium Magnetic Bar Magnet General Usage Areas

    In Food Companies
    Ceramic Industry Areas
    Soda – Mineral Production Factories
    Bora Production Factories
    Stone – Marble Production Factories
    Gum Production Factories
    Wheat and Flour Production Factories
    Lime – Gypsum – Cement Production Factories
    Glass Production Factories
    Chemical Production Factories
    Plastic Granule Production Factories
    In Packaging Machines
    In Plastic Grinding Machines
    In Spice Production Factories
    In Pulses Production Factories
    To Sugar Production Factory
    In Textile Factories

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