TMR Angle Sensor Magnets Round Isotropy NdFeB PA12

/TMR Angle Sensor Magnets Round Isotropy NdFeB PA12
  • TMR Angle Sensor Magnets Round Isotropy NdFeB PA12
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  • TMR Angle Sensor Magnets Round Isotropy NdFeB PA12, Round Magnets for Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors, Disc Magnetic Sensor Magnets, TMR sensor Resin PA12 Magnetic Encoders

    TMR Angle Sensor Magnets Round Isotropy NdFeB PA12 Magnetic characteristics
    Size 13X2MM
    Magnetic powder Isotropy NdFeB
    Resin PA12
    Residual magnetic flux
    density Br mT 615
    Retention force Hcb kA/m 410
    Retention force Hcj kA/m 748
    Maximum energy product
    BH max kJ/m3 63
    The product is recommended for general applications.

    The optimal magnet for TMR angle sensors
    Magnetic field distributions that reduce angular errors can be made by combining it with our TMR angle sensors due to the adoption of an isotropic bonded NdFeB magnet.

    Magnetization to minimize the error of angle
    High robustness against the setting area between
    magnet and TMR angle sensor
    High reliability

    For EPS angle sensor
    For control system of wiper motor
    For other automotive angle sensor

    The distance between magnets and TMR angle sensors, and the relationship between the magnetic flux density and radius that can attain an angular error of 0.1 degrees or below
    Positional relationship between magnets and sensors

    Disc Magnets for Tunnel Magneto-Resistance (TMR) Angle Sensors distributes a magnetic field to reduce angular errors. These magnets offer high-reliability and a magnetization to minimize the error of angle. The magnets for TMR angular sensors feature a high-robustness against the setting area between the magnet and TMR angle sensor. Typical applications include EPS angle sensors, the control system of the wiper motor, and an automotive angle sensor.

    What are TMR sensors and what applications are they best suited to? This article provides a snapshot of this sensor type and what TMR-based components are available for designers.

    Magnetic field sensors are popular choices for position sensors for a variety of reasons. They are non-contact sensors, which means there are no parts to wear out. The reduction in mechanisms also means there are fewer parts to assemble and fewer parts to fail in a design. Some magnetic field sensors can provide three-dimensional position information.

    Magnetic field sensors use one of three physical phenomena to detect the intensity and direction of a nearby magnetic field: anisotropic magnetoresistance effect (AMR), giant magnetoresistance effect (GMR), and tunnel magnetoresistance effect (TMR). MPCO Magnets for TMR Angle Sensors

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