Trapezoid Wedge Neodymium Countersunk Magnet

/Trapezoid Wedge Neodymium Countersunk Magnet
  • Trapezoid Wedge Neodymium Countersunk Magnet
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    Trapezoid Wedge Neodymium Countersunk Magnet Feature:
    Dimensions:  CUSTOMER DRAWING
    Material: Neodymium, Grade N35M – N52M
    Plating/Coating:  Galvanized / Zinc Plated
    Magnetization Direction: North on outside face
    Max. Operating Temperature: 100 °C

    Material type: Permanent
    Material composition: Nd2Fe14B
    Remanence (Br): 12.1– 12.7KGs
    Coercive force(Hcb): 11.1KOe
    Intrinsic Coercive Force( Hci ) : 24KOe
    Max Energy (BH)max: 36– 39MGOe
    Max working temp. : 180℃
    Curie Point (Max). : 356℉
    Density : 7.4~7.6g/cm3

    Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnet has high remanence, high coercive force, high energy product and high performance/cost ratio. It is easily formed into various sizes, widely used in motor, sensor, meter, sound device, magnetic separator, automobile, aviation, aerospace and other applications. It is prone to corrosion in humid environments, so it usually needs surface treatment according to customers’ requirements. The coatings we can offer include: nickel, zinc, gold, silver, epoxy and parylene. Small Sintered Neodymium Wedge Magnets

    Material Ingredient:
    The main raw materials for the production of NdFeB magnets are rare earth metal lanthanum, rare earth metal lanthanum, pure iron, aluminum, boron iron alloy and other rare earth raw materials. Trapezoid Arc Neodymium Wedge Magnets, Trapezoid Wedge Countersunk Magnet with Two Countersink Holes

    Market use:
    As a third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB magnets have high performance and are widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries, especially the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology. It has brought new uses to functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB, which brings a broader market prospect to the NdFeB industry.



















    The third generation rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB is the strongest permanent magnet in contemporary magnets. Its BHmax value is 5-12 times that of ferrite magnets, 3-10 times that of alnico magnets; its coercive force is equivalent to 5-10 times that of ferrite magnets, and 5-aluminum magnet magnets are 5- 15 times, its potential magnetic performance is extremely high, and it can absorb a weight equivalent to 640 times its own weight. Wind Turbine Wedge NdFeB Magnets N52

    Neodymium Magnet Performance
    Remanence Coercive force Intrinsic coercive Maximum energy product Working Temp
    Br bHc force iHc (BH)max
    Unit kGs T kOe kA/m kOe kA/m MGOe kJ/m °C
    Grade Nom. Min. Nom. Min. Nom. Min. Nom. Min. Nom. Min. Nom. Min.
    N35M 11.7-12.1 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 33-35 MGOe
    N38M 12.2-12.6 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 36-38 MGOe
    N40M 12.6-12.9 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 38-40 MGOe
    N42M 13.0-13.3 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 40-42 MGOe
    N45M 13.3-13.7 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 42-45 MGOe
    N48M 13.6-14.2 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 45-48 MGOe
    N50M 14.1-14.5 KGs >11.4 KOe >14 KOe 48-50 MGOe


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