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  • Two Pole Flange Magnetic Sandwich Assemblies
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  • Two Pole Flange Magnetic Sandwich Assemblies, Channel Sandwich Magnetic Device withnot Hole, Flange Magnets, Sandwich Assembly Mounting Magnet, Hard Ferrite Channel Latch Magnets, Powerful Holding Ceramic Rectangular Block Magnet China Supplier

    Two Pole Flange Magnetic Sandwich Assemblies Specifications:
    Item No.: MPSMA-07
    Magnet Material: Ceramic
    Material: Block Ceramic Magnet + Two Steel Plates
    Shape: Sandwich
    Width: 1.000 inch
    Length: 2.125 inches
    Height: 1.000 inch
    Thickness: 0.625 inch
    Mounting: N/A
    Lift Strength: 50 lb.
    Weight: 1 lb.

    Sandwich Magnet
    Magnets for Industry & Industrial Sourcing
    Sandwich Magnetic Assemblies are a high strength and low cost option for a huge variety of applications. The assemblies are usually produced with a magnet set into other non-magnetic material. They are made this way to channel and increase the magnetic force in a particular direction.

    Hard Ferrite Channel Latch Sandwich Magnet

    Hard Ferrite Channel Latch Sandwich Magnet

    Sandwich magnetic assemblies are commonly used for:
    Channel letter holders
    Door latches
    Money clips

    Sandwich magnetic assemblies can be up to 32 times stronger than magnets are on their own and their pull strength is tested on a flat steel plate. The pull can change based on which surface it is attracted to, so MPCO suggests getting a sample that you can test and make sure of its pull and holding ability for your particular application.
    MPCO sandwich assemblies that are typically plated with nickel and we can make the sandwich assembly in almost all colors.

    Flange Ceramic Magnets Sandwich Assemblies

    Flange Ceramic Magnets Sandwich Assemblies

    Flange Magnets
    Two Pole Flange, Bright Zinc Plated
    Bipolar / Magnetic Block Assemblies
    High grade ceramic magnets epoxied between 1/8″ and 1/4″ plated, precision ground poles – insuring maximum energy output. Channel Sandwich Magnetic Device withnot Hole
    Applications: door closures, coolant and air nozzle bases, locating and leveling devices, welding and hold-down fixtures, suspending room dividers, cargo safety nets and tarps, etc.

    Imperial Size:

    Item No. Material Length Width Height Finish Lift Strength
    MPSMA-01 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ N/A 10 lb.
    MPSMA-02 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ N/A 16 lb.
    MPSMA-03 Ceramic 1.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ N/A 20 lb.
    MPSMA-04 Ceramic 2.094″ 0.844″ 0.844″ N/A 22 lb.
    MPSMA-05 Ceramic 3.060″ 0.844″ 0.844″ N/A 22 lb.
    MPSMA-06 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.060″ 1.060″ N/A 50 lb.
    MPSMA-07 Ceramic 2.125″ 1.000″ 1.000″ N/A 50 lb.

    Metric Size:

    Item No. L(mm) W(mm)
    H(mm) Force(N)
    MPSMA-01 27 21.5 8 45
    MPSMA-02 27 21.5 8 72
    MPSMA-03 27 21.5 14.3 90
    MPSMA-04 53.2 21.5 8 100
    MPSMA-05 77.7 21.5 8 100
    MPSMA-06 54 15.9 27 226
    MPSMA-07 54 15.9 25.4 226
    Ceramic Sandwich Magnets Assembly

    Ceramic Sandwich Magnets Assembly

    Sandwich Assemblies
    For applications requiring maximum pull strength.
    Because of the nature of their design, magnetic assemblies can be over 30 times as strong as a magnet alone! One of the most popular and versatile is the round-base assembly. Perfect for mounting an antenna, securing a flag, or affixing a sign to a vehicle or building, round base assemblies are available in a wide variety of sizes and strengths.

    Choose from our standard sizes, or contact us regarding custom assemblies.

    Typically, pull strength is tested against a flat steel plate, with the pull force exerted perpendicular to the surface of the plate. Different testing methods can yield different results, so it is a good idea to request a sample prior to making a final decision on the specific assembly you require.

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