Unipolar Radial Ring Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet N38SH D70*d62*h20mm

/Unipolar Radial Ring Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet N38SH D70*d62*h20mm
  • Unipolar Radial Ring Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet N38SH D70d62h20mm
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  • Unipolar Radial Ring Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet N38SH D70*d62*h20mm, Uni Pole Radial Oriented Magnetization Sintering Neodymium Ring Permanent Magnets, Uni-polar Super Strong Rare Earth Radial Ring NdFeB Magnet for PM servo motor, step motor, tachogenerators, bldc motors

    Unipolar Radial Ring Rare Earth NdFeB Magnet N38SH D70*d62*h20mm Specification:
    100% Brand New Top Quality Neodymium Iron Boron (NDFeB) Rare Earth Magnets.
    Magnetic direction: Uni-pole Radial Oriented; SGS safety Certified..
    Size:  D 70mm * d 62mm * h 20mm
    Widely used in all kinds of PM servo motor, step motor, tachogenerators, bldc motors..
    Quantity: 1 Radial ring magnet per package.
    Imported from China.
    Importance Note: Please leave a comment about N pole outside or inside. if not, we will send radomly.
    radial ring magnets features:
    1, Radial maximum energy product can reach 240 ~ 400kJ/m3 high magnetic.
    2, It can be manufactured to facilitate bonding, the long dimension of the annular magnet assembly.
    3, you can easily change the number of poles and the magnetic declination simply by the change of the magnetic coil.
    4, Inner and outer circumferences monopole with magnetic as you required.
    5, Rectangular wave, trapezoidal wave, sin function with magnetic waves. (Function waveform, please contact us)
    6 trails, thin-walled, long size (for example: the outer diameter of 5mm wall thickness of 0.5mm, length 80mm) contributes to the miniaturization of the motor.

    Up until recently, full magnetic rings (FMR) made of separate magnets conjoined together to create the desired ring shape, were the only solution for applications requiring circular-shaped multi-pole magnets.Now, a new technology powered by MPCO has enabled for the creation of a super strong, durable single-cast radially magnetized ring magnet. radiation ring magnet use for automotive electric power steering system, quiet, smooth sense of control, and easier to install. AC servo motor, DC motor can achieve a quiet and smooth operation of this feature, it is also used for the precision operation of the robot is required. We are manufacturer and supplier of Radial Ring Magnets from 2006.

    These rings are revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepper motors and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, specialty electronics, and medical applications.

    Magnets are pressed to produce sintered NdFeB magnets. This process consists of combining base powders, pressing the resulting material, and then baking or sintering the resulting ring to achieve a radially magnetized product.

    This new technology improves the uniformity of magnetic flux for increased motor efficiency and torque. Other benefits include ease of assembly, superior mechanical properties and eliminates the re-work associated with chipped discrete magnets. D1.5inch Diametrically Magnetized Radial Ring Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet N38H

    So far we have uni pole radial ring magnets in stock as below:
    D26*d20*14mm (In stock)
    D32*d24*17mm (In Stock)
    D37*D27.5*5.5mm(In stock)
    D52.8*d40*8mm (In Stock)
    D58*d50*20mm (In Stock)
    D70*d62*20mm (In stock)
    D70*d58*8mm (In stock)
    D70*d58*30mm (In stock)

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