Unipole On OD and ID Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnet N33EH

/Unipole On OD and ID Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnet N33EH
  • Unipole On OD and ID Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnet N33EH
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  • Unipole On OD and ID Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnet, N33EH UNIPOLE RADIALLY MAGNETIZED TUBE Magnets, Sintered NdFeB Magnetic Radially Aligned Rings for Motor Rotor, Skewed Uni-Pole Radial Aligned Tube Ring Magnet Supplier

    Unipole On OD and ID Sintered NdFeB Ring Magnet Feature:
    Material: Neodymium Iron Boron, Neo , Nd , Rare earth NdFeB
    Size: as Client’s Request
    Coating: Nickel
    Grade: N33EH
    Temperature: the max operation temp is up to 220 degree centigrade
    Shape: ring, tube;
    Size: according to customers’ request;
    Magnet Application:
    Motors, Wind Power, Sensors, Computers and Peripherals, Magnetic Assemblies, Automotive, Motion Control, Aerospace, Research and Development,
    Communications, Medical Device and Diagnostics, Home appliance, Other magnetic applications or you can find new application according to your design.

    A magnetic component is a component performing certain function on basis of active magnetic field. Magnetic components are vital components of the majority of electro-mechanical machines and electronic devices with their selection having strong impact on the performance, geommetry, size, and last but not least price of the sub-system they are built into.
    Definition: Magnetic component represents density and strength of the magnetic field of defined geometry.

    Manufacture of magnetic components of NdFeB, hard-ferrite and mix of NdFeB and hard-ferrite by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Development and manufacture of compounds for injection moulding of magnets
    Manufacture of soft-magnet cores by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
    Optimization of electronic and magnetic sub-systems
    State-of-art development and production equipment
    Highly professional and experienced personnel in the field of magnetism
    Certified management systems ( ISO 9001, ISO 14000.. TS )
    Cooperation with customers in development projects
    Reliable partner

    Rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron) is a new kind of magnetic material developed in the 1980’s with excellent magnetic characteristics (high energy product and high coercive force etc.) and relatively low cost. It is getting to replace the traditional magnets of hard ferrite, AlNiCo and SmCo in many fields such as electro-accoustic devices, electric motors, sensors/transducers, instruments and meters, auto industry, petro-chemical industry and magnetic health-care products etc. N38SH Sintered NdFeB Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Arc Shaped

    NdFeB magnets are very powerful. They have a higher Maximum Energy Product, (BH)max, than SmCo magnets. (BH)max of NdFeB can easily reach 30 MGOe and even goes up to 52 MGOe. NdFeB magnets can replace SmCo magnets in most cases, especially where operating temperature is less than 80°C.

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