Universal Formwork Precast Permanent Magnet

/Universal Formwork Precast Permanent Magnet
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  • Universal Formwork Precast Permanent Magnet, Shuttering concrete formwork button magnets, Precast Holding Magnet System, NdFeB Magnetic Box, shuttering formworks fix system China Factory

    Universal Formwork Precast Permanent Magnet Features:
    Item No.: MPCOSM series
    Material: Stainless Steel, Iron, Neodymium Magnets
    Surface Treatment: Steel Nature Treated, Magnet Ni-plated or Zn-plated with Epoxy
    Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs
    Applications: Precast concrete formwork

    Precast concrete magnet is a new magnetic product in precast concrete industry. It is composed of steel armature, big magnet with push and pull knob.The hold force of the magnets is ranging from 900 to 3100 kg, which is suitable for fixing shuttering formworks. Please contact us for the suitable shuttering magnets products, any custom design is welcoming.

    Sequence of build and apply a concrete formwork
    1.Welded steel panels on collapsible platform. (or on ground)
    2.Build a frame structure on the steel panel.
    3.Install adapters to concrete magnets.
    4.Connect metal frame with the precast oncrete magnet.
    5. Ingress the concrete into the concrete formwork.

    Exclude the concrete magnet from formwork system is very convenient, by using a magnet lifting lever(magnet crowbar )the knob (together with magnet) could be easily pulled up.
    The utilize of conventional wooden formwork in concrete engineering is a large expenditure of time and money, conventional wood formwork also not ensure the evenness of concrete surface. By the use of precast concrete magnet with steel formwork, the contours of filled concrete will perfectly trimly like the concrete formwork.
    Precast concrete magnet is used for precast concrete formwork in the formation of windows, doors in concrete structures. This concrete formwork system includes a collapsible platform,steel structures, concrete magnets with special adapters.

    magnetic box is a massive welded channel section with an effective automation system (a fixing system that uses buttons) and integrated magnet with holding force from 450 to 2100 kg. This box is an ideal platform for optimization when assembling wooden and metal formwork for production of reinforced concrete products. shuttering formwork magnets

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