White Bendable Flexible Washer Door Prop Magnet

/White Bendable Flexible Washer Door Prop Magnet
  • White Bendable Flexible Washer Door Prop Magnet
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    White Bendable Flexible Washer Door Prop Magnet Part No. MPMWHDP-15 Specification:
    Item Type: Washer Door Prop
    Material: Aluminum alloy + Silica gel
    Color: White
    Size: Length approx. 43cm/16.93in, base approx. 4.3×0.7cm/1.69×0.28in
    Weight: Approx. 120g/4.23oz
    Fitment: Universal for front load washer

    Package List:
    1 x Washer Door Prop
    1 x Base

    Please note that the new type and old type of this product will be sent randomly, and make sure you will not mind before ordering.

    1. Function: Washer door prop ensures your washing machine is dry and ventilated, washer will not mold and can eliminate unpleasant smells.
    2. Strong Magnet: The magnet is super strong, after installation, washing machine door holder will not move anymore.
    3. Adjustable: Flexible washer door prop can adjust the angle freely, meantime you can adjust the door opening to your liking.
    4. High Quality Material: Washer door holder is made of high quality aluminum alloy and silica gel, rustproof and will not scratch your washer.
    5. Easy Operation: Magnetic washing machine door holder is easy to use, universal fit for front load washer, more convenient and practical.

    Washer door prop can be used to firmly attach the door prop to your washing machine. Our product has more potential uses than other door props. Just the right amount to allow air to circulate and dry the door ring to stop the “wonderful” stink that comes with it.
    This front loading washing machine door prop allows the seal and inside of your machine to dry out between uses to stop nasty smells and formations from growing.
    Stop bumping into the washing machine door whenever you go into your laundry room with our front load washer door prop.
    This holder props the door of your washer open so it frees up storage space, making it perfect for both small and large laundry rooms.
    This is one of those laundry prop accessories you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Stop buying expensive cleaners by keeping open the door of your front-load washing machine. Your clean laundry will thank you.
    Fine workmanship and creative appearance ensure its popularity and practicality.

    As a professional accessory that keeps the washing machine fresh and avoids peculiar smell, this product keeps your washer door open, and ensures your washer is dry and well ventilated. You have no need to clean your washing machine frequently.  Prop-A-Door Magnet for Front Load Washer Door Prop
    Super magnetic base can firmly adhere to the metal surface of any washing machine without falling off easily. You can also stick it to other metal-containing household appliances, like dryers, dishwashers, wardrobes, etc.

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