Y33 Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Barium Disk Magnet Ø10x4mm

/Y33 Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Barium Disk Magnet Ø10x4mm
  • Y33 Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Barium Disk Magnet Ø10x4mm
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  • Y33 Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Barium Disk Magnet Ø10x4mm, Phyiscal Therapy Magnets, oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) Low Cost Ferrite Round Disc Circle Magnet, Sintered Hard Ferrite Permanent Magnets for Hobbies, Crafts and Science, souvenirs fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets and educational magnets, Ceramic Circular Magnets China Supplier

    Y33 Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Barium Disk Magnet Ø10x4mm PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:
    Material : FERRITE Disc Magnet
    Type : Permanent
    Size : Diameter 10mm X  4mm height Ferrite disc magnet.
    Shape : Disc, disk, round, circle
    Grade: Y33
    Colour : Dark charcoal gray
    Depending on the application of our FERRITE Magnet, we have a choice of discs, rings and blocks.
    Some applications are crafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets.

    Hard ferrite magnets are not children’s toys! They are extremely hard and brittle, because they are among the ceramic materials.

    Ferrite discs are economic and quality components that can be found in diverse applications such as automation, control, measurement, and others. The whole group of ferrite discs are manufactured with a north pole and a south pole, located on the circular flat faces, thus having an axial magnetization.

    Ferrite (Ceramic) magnet is manufactured from oxide materials using powder metallurgical process. ferrite magnet is most widely used because of its low cost, high-energy, good electric insulation and excellent resistance to demagnetization. The most common type of hard ferrite magnet is anisotropic strontium, anisotropic barium and isotropic barium magnet.
    Ferrite (Ceramic) magnet has the following advantages: high coercive force, high electric resistance, long-time stability, and economical price. Phyiscal Therapy Round Circle Ferrite Magnets Y35, Y30 Hard Ferrite Discmagnet Ø8x2mm

    Ferrite magnets can be used in a wide range of applications due to their high coercivity and low cost. They also have good machining properties which allows them to be cut into different shapes and sizes – they are cut with diamond tooling; standard drills and wire spark erosion techniques do not work. Ferrite has an excellent resistance to demagnetisation/corrosion, however care must be taken when handling the product due to its brittleness. Ferrite magnets can be used up to +250 degrees C making it ideal for use in electrical machines. At sub-zero temperatures e.g. less than -10 to -20 deg C, ferrite may start to show a reduced pull force (the temperature and the degree of weakening depends on the magnet shape and is application specific; for most uses this effect does not happen as the magnets never get that cold). Hard Ferrite (Ceramic) Circle Disc Therapy Magnet Ø14x8mm Y30

    Applications of ferrite magnets
    The ferrite magnets lend themselves to a variety of applications: from simple, such as magnetic locks for furniture or leather, magnetic lifters or magnetic separators, to the most sophisticated electric micromotors, which represent, along with speakers and some special magnetic applications, the areas of interest. Disc Magnet Ferrite Ø10x10mm Y35

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