Production R&D

Possessing technical R&D experience for almost ten years, the engineering center has walked a technical R&D road with its own characteristics. It has formed the R&D mode with multiple disciplines crossed mutually from material to equipment.

The research and design of magnetic application devices is specially engaged by several engineers, who have abundant experiences in terms of the appearance, structure of the magnetic devices, magnetic circuit design and other aspects.
The stable and first-class quality to the devices produced by our company has been ensured forcefully. Meanwhile, we could design and produce in line with customer’s demands.

The advanced NdFeB technology has been applied to production proficiently. No matter for high-end N52 series products, or UH, EH and AH series products with high coercivity, batch production has been realized and takes the leading position at home. Meanwhile, the quality of the magnetic application devices has been ensured.

I. Research on component design, Reduce the content of heavy rare earth under the premise of maintaining property.

II. Research on the structure of the material grain boundary.

III. Research on the product with low weightlessness.

IV. Research on the product’s anti-corrosion property.