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  • How Are Alnico Magnets Made

How Are Alnico Magnets Made?

How Are Alnico Magnets Made? Alnico magnet was successfully developed in the 1930s. It is composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metal elements. Thanks to their high coercivity and high Curie temperature, Alnico magnets are widely used in many industrial and consumer products, such as motors, electric guitar pickups, microphones, sensors, speakers, [...]

  • MPCO Permanent Magnet Appearance Features

Permanent Magnet Appearance

Permanent Magnet Appearance 1, Can customers specify appearance requirements? Yes. MPCO MAG was founded upon the ideology of custom solutions. We encourage customers to specify mechanical and/or appearance requirements. Of course, if no customer-specific standards are stated, MPCO adheres to its own Permanent Magnets Workmanship and Appearance Standard. 2, Does MPCO Magnetic Technologies have standards [...]

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