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  • Magnets Safety Advice

Magnets Safety Advice

Magnets Safety Advice Warning! Magnets should be handled with care and treated with respect. Keep individual magnets well separated from each other and do not place magnets near steel tools, benches or other ferrous objects. There are various ways in which magnets and magnetic equipment can be a dangerous hazard. Larger Magnets: Larger magnets must [...]

  • Neodymium Magnets by Air freight

Can I Shipping Neodymium Magnets by Air?

Can I Shipping Neodymium Magnets by Air? For customers in Canada, USA, UK and Mexico, all of our magnetic products are shipped by ground as either parcel or LTL. For international customers, we handle all the shipping by air freight for small items or by ocean shipping for large quantities. When air shipment is required, [...]

  • Magnets Shipment

Magnets Shipment

Magnets Shipment MPCO is an expert in magnetic materials and customers rely on us to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed for shipping of magnetic materials. All personnel responsible for shipping magnets by air are trained for that purpose. We have cooperated 10 years forwarders for express TNT, or DHL by express [...]

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