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THE MAGNETIC GRATE OVERVIEW WHAT IS THE MAGNETIC GRATES? The high-performance magnetic rods are reasonably distributed on the magnetic grate, and the high-strength magnetic field is provided for it to attract the iron powder, iron filings, and other small pieces of magnetic metal in the flowing material. Workers can skillfully weld high-grade stainless steel seamless [...]

  • Magnetic Separation Grids

Magnetic Separation Grids

Magnetic Separation Grids Versatile, high-intensity magnetic grid or grate separators Ideal for use with most powder or granulate substances Ideal for most gravity/free fall lines Extracts hazardous fine ferrous particles Circular or Square configurations available A simple addition to bolster HACCP systems Simple, cost effective protection against ferrous contamination Our versatile and high-performing magnetic separator [...]

  • Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator

Rotating Magnetic Grid Separator

Rota-Grid Separator, Rotating Magnetic Grid Separator Removes ferrous contamination from substances prone to bridging or caking Rotating magnetic grid ensures continuous flow Ideal for dry and semi-dry powders and granulate such as starch Includes easy clean magnetic cartridge to minimise cleaning downtime ATEX approved versions available High intensity magnetic separator for dry, semi-dry powders and [...]

  • Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator

Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator

Housed Easy Clean Grid Magnetic Separator Easy clean, high intensity magnetic separator grids or separator grates Separating fine iron metal contamination or fine wear particles from the processing line Ideal for gravity fed dry powders and granulate Easily installed into existing chute work Multiple sizes available ATEX version available Single, double, triple and quadruple row [...]



GRATE MAGNETS The MPCO grate magnets serves as a quick-clean grate magnet, featuring a dust-tight housing that can be easily cleaned outside the product stream. The MPCO grate magnets can be installed at the inlet or outlet of rotary valves, at the discharge of screw conveyors , elevators, flowveyor and blenders, or upstream of all [...]

  • Magnetic Rod

Magnetic Rod

Magnetic Rod Magnetic Rods and Magnetic bars are the main part of different magnetic grate separators, are made from high power magnets and stainless tube by well welding and polishing, they are also named magnetic rod, magnetic bar, magnetic filter bar etc. they can effectively remove ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free [...]