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  • Dia 40mm x H 20mm NdFeB Powerful Disc Magnets

Dia 40mm x H 20mm NdFeB Powerful Disc Magnets

Dia 40mm x H 20mm NdFeB Powerful Disc Magnets, N52 D40x20mm pull force 65kg disc magnet rare earth NdFeB permanent Neodymium super powerful magnets supplier Condition: Brand new Shape: Disc Dimension: Diameter 40mm x thickness20mm Tolerance: +-0.1mm Material: Neodymium magnets Certification:RoHS passed Grade: N52 BR:14300-14800 GAUSS Hcj ≥12 KOe Hcb≥10.8 KOe BHmax: 50-53 MGOe Magnetization: [...]



NdFeB MAGNETS Neodymium permanent magnets (Nd-Fe-B / NdFeB MAGNETS) are composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals. These magnets are extremely strong for their small size, metallic in appearance and found in simple shapes such as rings, blocks, discs and arcs. Attributes of NdFeB Magnets - Very high resistance to demagnetization High [...]

  • Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Why choose us Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet? 1) Over decades experience in NdFeB manufacturing and Marketing 2) Strategic partner of several world top 500 Enterprise, operating well under TS16949 3) Samples and trial orders are welcome 4) Competitive Price & Short Lead Time, cause it is directly from real producer. 5) Professional suggestion or advice [...]

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