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  • Separator Magnets

Separator Magnets

Separator Magnets MPCO engineers and manufactures magnetic pulleys, drums, suspended magnetic separators, and eddy-current separators designed for beneficiation, tramp iron removal, non-ferrous metal recovery and various other separation processing applications. MPCO offers permanent and electromagnetic designs with the option of self-cleaning or manual-cleaning features. Complete systems can be designed into new separation facilities or incorporated [...]

  • Types of Weak Magnetic Separators

Types of Weak Magnetic Separators

Types of Weak Magnetic Separators The industrial magnetic separation machine can be divided into the weak magnetic separator and strong magnetic separator (high-intensity magnetic separator). This article mainly introduces the types of weak magnetic separators, includes dry type, wet type, and auxiliary equipment. Dry type weak magnetic separators The dry magnetic separator requires the sorted [...]

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