24″ Flexible Claw Spring Bendy Pick Up Tool

/24″ Flexible Claw Spring Bendy Pick Up Tool
  • 24 inch Flexible Claw Spring Bendy Pick Up Tool
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  • 24″ Flexible Claw Spring Bendy Pick Up Tool Grabber Long Reach, Stainless Steel Flexible Magnetic Retrieval Tool, Flexible Pick Up Tool Magnets w/ Claw, MECHANIC CLAW 24″ PICK-UP TOOL SPRING LOADED PARTS GRABBER China Supplier

    24″ Flexible Claw Spring Bendy Pick Up Tool Features:
    Item No. MPPU-87
    Handle Color Red
    Flexible, spring steel body, not magnetic
    Overall length 24″ (600mm)

    100% New and High quality
    Very handy pick up tool for all kinds of uses. Perfect for grabbing that dropped screw or bolt, getting small parts out of restricted areas etc
    Claw type tool will pick up magnetic and nonmagnetic parts
    Simple two finger action. Pull the handle to reveal and open the claws, release the handle to grip the part
    Four strong claw action pick up end for grabbing
    Controlled from a spring loaded grip
    For retrieving small objects
    Material: Stainless steel wire
    Color: As the picture shown
    #1- Flexible pick-up tool is great for picking up tools and parts lost behind benches or down in casings
    Claw end can grab most items up to 5/8″ 24″ spring-style shaft is flexible to squeeze into many tight places.
    #2- 18″ MAGNETIC Pickup Tool , Flexible steel spring shaft . 1″ x 1″ x 3/16″ magnet. stainless steel flexible magnetic retrieval tool

    Wound steel coiled spring construction is highly flexible, ensuring that it can reach into any small, tight space with ease while resisting water, rust and grime.
    Extendable 1 finger prongs are incredibly strong and surprisingly nimble!
    Powerful magnetic ring built into the end easily grabs all ferrous metal items.
    Bright LED light in the tip helps to illuminate hard to reach places.
    Perfect for use in kitchens, workshops and garages.

    This lightweight and highly durable wound steel tool provides the ultimate in flexibility in order to reach things in the toughest to reach places. The tip of the tool features a powerful magnet as well as a bright LED light to illuminate those tight spaces. Perfect for use in drains, vents, engines and underneath or between large items of furniture or appliances.

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