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    Anisotropic Plastic Bonded Magnets Item No. ABNM-03

    Anisotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets – Considerations for achieving high degree of alignment in polymer bonded permanent magnets are presented via the results of a study on in situ magnetic alignment of anisotropic Nd-Fe-B magnet powders (Anisotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets). Contributions from effect of the alignment temperature, alignment magnetic field and the properties of the polymer on the hard magnetic properties of the bonded magnet were considered. The thermorheological properties of the polymer and the response of the magnet powders to the applied magnetic field indicate that hard magnetic properties were optimized at an alignment temperature just above the melting temperature of the copolymer. This agrees with an observed correlation between the change in magnetization due to improved magnetic alignment of the anisotropic powders and the change in viscosity of the binder. Manufacturing cost can be minimized by identifying optimum alignment temperatures and magnetic field strengths.

    Format: Any other dimensions can be supplied to order. The product is uncoated.
    Maximum working temperature: 80ºC
    Observations: This manufacturing method allows for the creation of more complex geometric shapes. Pressed bonded magnets therefore have a variety of applications. Some examples are magnetic parts in motors, magnetic encoders for domestic white goods, washing machines, the automotive industry, etc.
    Measurements: According to customer specifications.

    Plastic bonded magnets can be pressed and injected. Pressed bonded magnets are the result of combining thermoplastic binders and powdered permanent magnets. They can be made in isotropic and anisotropic qualities. They show excellent mechanical properties allowing us to achieve tight tolerances, making balance and assembly easier and creating complex geometries. MPCO manufactures plastic bonded magnets for big companies in different sectors, such as electric motors and electrical appliance manufacturers and automotive companies. Maximum temperatures of between 100ºC and 120ºC are obtained. Injected bonded magnets are manufactured using magnetic ferrite or rare earth dust incorporated into thermoplastics, mainly polyamides. Maximum temperatures of between 100ºC and 120ºC are obtained. For operating temperatures of 200ºC, polyphenol is used. This type of injected bonded magnet is more resistant to corrosion than sintered materials. MPCO has special magnets suitable for each company’s needs and designs. These products are found in our Special magnets section in Engineering and control.

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