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/Automotive Seats Motor Magnet Injection Neodymium
  • Automotive Seats Motor Magnet Injection Neodymium
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  • Automotive Seats Motor Magnet Injection Neodymium, 4 poles outerside magnetizing Injection Molded Magnetic Components for sensor and rotor, BNI-4 Injection Molding Neodymium magent, bonded NdFeB nylons 6, 11 and 12 and PPS thermoplastic injection molding sensor permanent magnet assemblies China Factory

    Automotive Seats Motor Magnet Injection Neodymium Technical
    Material: Plastic Binders and NdFeB Powder
    Method: Injection Mold
    Part No.: MPBD-IM07H189
    Magnetization:outer 4 poles
    Application:adjusting motor for automotive seats
    Flux Force:distance 1.2mm per pole≥400GS
    Grade: BNI-4
    Automotive Application
    Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 180 °C
    Delivery Time: 15-30 days
    Made in China

    Isotropic and can be magnetized in any direction and with multiple poles
    Manufacturing methods:
    Compression: technique special form of NdFeB powder blended with plastic carrier material, die pressed and then heated.
    Parts made in this way can be of complex shapes and come off tool with close tolerance, requiring no further finish machining.
    Injection: NdFeB powder blended with plastic and injection molded. Injection Neodymium Automotive Seats Motor Magnet
    Resulting parts have energy products in 5 MGOe range and can be made with extremely intricate shapes
    Able to manufacture metal and other components of finished sub assemblies using CNC machining facilities
    Can be fabricated by adhering magnets with adhesives to suit range of environments, by mechanically fastening magnets or by combination of these methods
    Due to relatively brittle nature of magnet materials, press fits are not recommended
    When multiple magnets are assembled in repelling positions, advisable to use mechanical fastening in addition to adhesives, since if adhesives were to give way, repelling magnets may dislodge and endanger personnel using them
    Surface treatments: epoxy coating most commonly used for bonded NdFeB magnets
    Machining: bonded NdFeB easily machined. car windows motor magnet injection ndfeb

    Injection-molded NdFeB magnet
    Stable magnetic property
    Good corrosion-resistant capability
    Used for motor and sensor
    Complex-shaped magnets
    Stable magnetic property
    Precise tolerance
    Magnetic performance:
    Br: 3,500 6,300Gs
    Hci: 2,500 to 14,000Oe
    BHmax: 4 to 8MGOe

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