Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH

/Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH
  • Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH
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  • Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH, Loudspeaker Ring Shape Magnet, OEM Replacement Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets, Strong High-speed permanent magnet, customized sintered NdFeB ring magnets for audio machine China factory

    Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH Specifications:
    Dimensions: Customized design drawing
    Tolerances: ±0.002″(+/-0.05mm)
    Material: NdFeB, Grade N45UH
    Plating/Coating: Black Epoxy-Ni-Cu-Ni plated
    Magnetization Direction: Diametrically Radially
    Max Operating Temp: 180ºC (Degree Celsius)
    Other: All magnets passed QC(Br. Flux.Dimensions) and 24-Hour Salt Spray Test.
    Feel free to contact us for the inventory if you need the product urgently.
    Magnet Application: Motors, Wind Power, Sensors, Computers and Peripherals, Magnetic Assemblies, Automotive, Motion Control, Aerospace, Research and Development, Communications, Medical Device and Diagnostics, Home appliance, Other magnetic applications or you can find new application according to your design.

    Ring Magnets
    Neodymium Ring Magnet are great for loudspeaker, home theater, multimedia, headset, water meter, vibration motor, etc.
    Sintered NdFeB Magnet Ring are supplied in different grades and sizes, maximum diameter 220mm, minimum thickness 1.0mm. Ring magnet, which are magnetized through thickness (axially), north pole and south pole are located on the top and bottom. Axially magnetized is common magnetism for ring magnets. Diameterically magnetized also can be made as per customer’s different requirement.

    N45UH Neodymium Loudspeaker Ring Shape Magnet with Black Epoxy

    N45UH Neodymium Loudspeaker Ring Shape Magnet with Black Epoxy

    MPCO Magnetics prepares its anisotropic powders by either casting an alloy melt into a mold, or strip casting. Strip casting offers the advantage of better chemical stability. Subsequently, the ingot from the mold or the flakes from strip casting are pulverized to a uniform grain/particle size. The best method for obtaining the desired grain size is by HDDR. The HDDR [hydrogenation-decomposition-desorption-recombination] process yields a more homogenous particle size with a minimum of α-Fe, and Nd-rich phases. Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B, HDDR powders prepared from strip cast alloys are used for the HAST [Highly Accelerated Stress Test] grades of NdFeB Magnets, including N, H, SH, UH, EH, and MPCO Magnetics exclusive “W” grades for Wind Power applications. N52 Block OEM Replacement Neodymium Magnets, Direct-Drive Motor Magnets Neo Block Shape N30RH

    Neodymium ring magnets are strong Rare-Earth magnets, circular in shape with a hollow center. Neodymium (also known as “Neo”, “NdFeb” or “NIB”) ring magnets are the most powerful magnets commercially available today with magnetic properties that far exceed those of other permanent magnet materials. Due to their high magnetic strength, neodymium ring magnets have replaced other magnetic materials in order to make a design smaller while achieving the same result. Black Epoxy Coated Magnet Rectangular Block N45H

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