Bonded Ring Miniaturized Sensor Magnet

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  • Bonded Ring Miniaturized Sensor Magnet
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  • Bonded Ring Miniaturized Sensor Magnet, Rare Earth Neodymium Isotropic Compression Molded Tube Magnet, BNP-6 thermoplastic bonded NdFeB permanent magnets for Sensor and Electronics, Multipoles Diametric or Radial Ring Magnets, Automotive Custom Molded Plastic Bonded Neodymium Magnets China Supplier

    Bonded Ring Miniaturized Sensor Magnet Technical
    Material: Plastic Binders and NdFeB Powder
    Part No.: MPBD-CDMR21
    Plating / Coating: Gray Epoxy
    Shape: Ring / Tube
    Grade: BNP-6
    Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 100 °C ~ 150 °C
    Delivery Time: 7-15 days
    Made in China

    ​Bonded Neodymium magnets are manufactured through the compression process. This process involves mixing neodymium powder with epoxy as a binder and pressing it into a die cavity with no magnetic field, thus making these magnets Isotropic. Pressed parts are then placed into the oven for curing. Compression bonded neodymium magnets are an excellent choice over other magnet types (sintered neodymium, sintered samarium cobalt, and hard ferrites) that have limits to some shapes that compression bonded magnets do not have. With their high energy product reaching up to 12 MGOe it makes them ideal for many applications requiring high magnetic strength and tight tolerances. Since no magnetic field is applied during the compression the finished product can be magnetized in any direction. Having epoxy as a binder in the manufacturing process for compression bonded magnets makes the magnets resistant to most industrial automotive fluids. With relative low tooling cost and quick turnaround compression bonded neodymium magnets are the choice for a wide variety of applications. The final product can be epoxy coated for durability and more resistant to corrosion. neodymium compression molding ring magnet, neodymium ring isotropic bonding magnet, thermoplastic bonded magnet, compression molded thermoplastic neodymium magnet, Bonded Ring Miniaturized Sensor Magnet

    Applications of Bonded NdFeB magnets
    • Drive and generator applications
    • Miniaturized sensors
    • IT industry
    • Meters and instruments
    • Home electronics

    Advantages of Bonded/Molded Magnet
    • A higher ratio of magnetic material powder to binder gives higher magnetic performance than the injection molded magnets (higher magnetic loading)
    • NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico and Ferrite versions possible
    • Hybrid versions as well (e.g. Ferrite+NdFeB) with combined properties
    • Good tolerances – secondary machining not needed
    • Low electrical conductivity, low eddy currents

    Disadvantages of Bonded/Molded
    • The compression bonding process is limited to simpler shapes such as rectangles, rings, arcs and cylinders. A consistent cross sectional area is required along the pressing direction
    • Possible tooling charges for production and magnetising

    Typical Applications of Bonded/Molded
    • Motors
    • Position sensors
    • Hybrid performance components

    A company wanted a magnet on a joystick to activate Hall Effect sensors to give relative position information. A ferrite magnet would be too weak; a sintered NdFeB neodymium magnet would be too powerful. A compression bonded NdFeB magnet was supplied that had a performance between NdFeB and Ferrite but which had an epoxy finish, good final tolerances and would be low cost in high production quantities. Position Sensor Neodymium Magnet Bonded Ring

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