C5 Round Flat Ceramic Fridge Magnets D32mmX8mm

/C5 Round Flat Ceramic Fridge Magnets D32mmX8mm
  • C5 Round Flat Ceramic Fridge Magnets D32mmX8mm
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  • C5 Round Flat Ceramic Fridge Magnets D32mmX8mm, Industry Factory Direct Low Cost Customized Ferrite Round Disc Magnet, Sintered Hard Ferrite Permanent Magnets for Fridge, Hobbies, Crafts and Science, Powerful Ceramic Circle Magnets, Anisotropic or Isotropic Disc Magnets China Supplier

    C5 Round Flat Ceramic Fridge Magnets D32mmX8mm PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:
    Material : FERRITE Disc Magnet
    Type : Permanent
    Size : Diameter 32mm X 8mm Width Ferrite disc magnet.
    Shape : Disc
    Colour : Dark charcoal gray
    Depending on the application of our FERRITE Magnet FD32X8mm, we have a choice of discs, rings and blocks.
    Some applications are crafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets.

    Flat Round Hard Ferrite ceramic magnets were developed in the 60’s and today comprise 75% of world magnetic consumption. Despite their relatively low magnetic values, they are the most popular magnet on the market due to ready availability and relatively low cost. Flat Round Permanent Ferrite Magnets

    Ceramic disc magnets (sometimes called Ferrite magnets) are widely used for crafts and hobbies, school science projects, and even phyiscal therapy. The low cost of these magnets makes them a great choice for home use. Ceramic discs are available in many sizes. When assembling products or handcrafts, we recommended using an expoxy glue and make sure the surface is clean and dry. Other applications include souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets and educational magnets. These are medium strength magnets.
    High coercivity (= high resistance of the magnet to demagnetization).
    Highly stability under difficult environment conditions with no need for a coating to protect the magnet.
    High resistance to oxidation.
    Durability – the magnet is stable and constant.
    Ferrite magnets popular uses:
    automotive industry, electric motors (DC, brushless and others), magnetic separators (mainly plates), home appliances and more.
    MPCO specializes in the production of Hard Ferrite (anisotropic) using a wet pressing process. Cutting and grinding of the magnets is performed with an electroplated diamond grinding wheel.

    Disc Round Ferrite Hobbies Craft Magnets

    Disc Round Ferrite Hobbies Craft Magnets

    Our ceramic (ferrite) disc magnets come in a many sizes. We recommend using epoxy glue for best results when bonding to other materials. Make sure all surfaces are thoroughly clean and dry. Some applications for ceramic magnets include handcrafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets & educational magnets. Round Flat Circle Ceramic Magnets C9 D20mmX3mm

    Magnetic properties of Ceramic Magnets (Hard ferrite magnets)
    Chinese standard
    Material Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max
    mT KGs KA/m KOe KA/m KOe KJ/m3 MGOe
    Y10T 200~235 2.0~2.35 125~160 1.57~2.01 210~280 2.64~3.52 6.5~9.5 0.8~1.2
    Y20 320~380 3.2~3.8 135~190 1.70~2.38 140~195 1.76~2.45 18.0~22.0 2.3~2.8
    Y22H 310~360 3.1~3.6 220~250 2.77~3.14 280~320 3.52~4.02 20.0~24.0 2.5~3.0
    Y23 320~370 3.2~3.7 170~190 2.14~2.38 190~230 2.39~2.89 20.0~25.5 2.5~3.2
    Y25 360~380 3.6~4.0 135~170 1.70~2.14 140~200 1.76~2.51 22.5~28.0 2.8~3.5
    Y26H 360~390 3.6~3.9 220~250 2.77~3.14 225~255 2.83~3.21 23.0~28.0 2.9~3.5
    Y27H 370~400 3.7~4.0 205~250 2.58~3.14 210~255 2.64~3.21 25.0~29.0 3.1~3.7
    Y30 370~400 3.7~4.0 175~210 2.20~2.64 180~220 2.26~2.77 26.0~30.0 3.3~3.8
    Y30BH 380~390 3.8~3.90 223~235 2.80~2.95 231~245 2.90~3.08 27.0~30.0 3.4~3.7
    Y30-1 380~400 3.8~4.0 230~275 2.89~3.46 235~290 2.95~3.65 27.0~32.0 3.4~4.0
    Y30H-2 395~415 3.95~4.15 275~300 3.46~3.77 310~335 3.90~4.21 28.5~32.5 3.5~4.0
    Y32 400~420 4.0~4.2 160~190 2.01~2.38 165~195 2.07~2.45 30.0~33.5 3.8~4.2
    Y33 410~430 4.1~4.3 220~250 2.77~3.14 225~255 2.83~3.21 31.5~35.0 4.0~4.4
    Y35 400~410 4.00~4.10 175~195 2.20~2.45 180~200 2.26~2.51 30.0~32.0 3.8~4.0

    Ferrite magnets, and all permanent magnets, are used because of their magnetic properties. Ferrite magnets properties mean their magnetic properties. Different grades of ferrite magnets have different magnetic properties. You can find explanations about the parameters (remanence, Coercive Force, maximum energy and more) in our magnet glossary page. Ceramic magnets are available in both oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) grades. Most of the magnets sold by Magma are oriented (anisotropic). You will find in this page 3 types of grades (European, American & Chinese). Usually, customers are not asking for specific grades. Customers are looking for specific magnetic characteristics (the drawing of the magnet will specify the requested remanence / Br).

    Other industries: magnetized anti-wax device, pipeline descaler, magnetic fixture, magnetic lock, door and window magnet, stationery magnet, luggage magnet, leather magnet, toy magnet, craft gift packaging, etc.

    Flat Round Disc Ferrite Magnets

    Flat Round Disc Ferrite Magnets

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