Furniture Cabinet Round Small Catch Magnet

/Furniture Cabinet Round Small Catch Magnet
  • Furniture Cabinet Round Small Catch Magnet
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    Furniture Cabinet Round Small Catch Magnet specifications
    Item No. MPMC-273B
    Custom processing Yes
    material Nylon, NdFeB
    surface treatment black, zn plated
    Specification Φ8.3*16.3cm
    type cupboard
    Installation form Embedded
    structure Concealed
    control method manual
    Whether cross-border export exclusive supply no
    style light luxury

    Designed to fit flush and hold doors in place
    Easy to fit – simply tap in to furniture
    Ideal for wardrobes and cabinets
    Included are 12 Round Magnetic Catches, Strike Plates, and Screws.

    Many Design Options Available
    Just like our conventional non-magnetic catch and latch hardware, we offer our cabinet magnets in different shapes, sizes, and materials to align with the scope of your project and suit your exact requirements:

    Simple ferrite magnets that provide an excellent value proposition for small and/or light-duty applications.
    Neodymium magnets that offer more holding power per unit of size than ferrite ones, and excellent resistance to demagnetization over the long term.
    Heavy duty magnets with more holding power—up to 30+ lbs. of force, more than 10 times higher than our standard magnets—ideal for heavier doors and doors that open downward.
    High temperature samarium–cobalt magnets capable of withstanding operating environments of up to 480° F (250° C). Magnets lose some of their holding power as they get hotter, so high-temp magnets are a must in extreme environments.
    Miniature, thin, and ultra-thin magnetic cabinet catch design options, ideal for a variety of tight spaces.
    Sealed magnetic catches featuring silicone rubber noise dampening for quality of life.
    Snap-in holders for when you need to install cabinet magnets into sheet metal.
    Stainless steel options available for corrosion resistance and improved durability.
    NSF certification for food service applications.
    Counterplates / strike plates available on their own when you want to purchase them separately.
    Go Magnetic for Accessibility and Ease of Use
    At MPCO we strive to uphold the accessibility principles of Universal Design. Magnetic catches are easier to use, as they do not require any turning action to operate as with a knob or handle: Simply pull them to open, and push to close. It’s that easy.

    Easy-Install Magnetic Catches, Door Fasteners, and Hardware
    Looking for a simple alternative to mechanical catches? We have the perfect product for you; Woodworker’s Hardware offers magnetic cabinet catches that are easy to install and are available with a variety of features like corrosion resistance and cover caps for an invisible look. Embedded Round Mini Magnetic Catch

    Our collection of magnetic cabinet door catch hardware comes available in pull strengths up to 19 pounds.

    Not sure which magnetic catches are right for you? No worries! Our friendly team at Woodworker’s Hardware is eager to help you find the perfect products and answer your questions or concerns. Contact us today to learn more about magnetic catches and related products.

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