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  • Injection Molding NdFeB Magnet, 8poles outer diameter magnetized Injection Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet for transduction air-conditioner motor rotor, bonded NdFeB nylons 6, 11 and 12 and PPS thermoplastic injection permanent magnet assemblies for Home Appliance, BNI-6SR Injection Molding Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron China Factory

    Injection Molding NdFeB Magnet Technical
    Material: Plastic Binders and NdFeB Powder
    Method: Injection Mold
    Part No.: MPBD-IM07Z040
    Magnetization:outer 8poles
    Application: motor for transduction air-conditioner
    Flux Force:per poel≥1800GS
    Grade: BNI-6SR
    Application: Home Appliance
    Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 180 °C
    Delivery Time: 15-30 days
    Made in China

    Injection Molded (Plastic) Magnets
    Injection molding uses a solid binder (e.g. a plastic or thermosetting epoxy) plus the magnetic material but gives a greater variety of shapes and complexity of shapes compared to compression bonded. The end material is isotropic – the magnetising coil fixture design determines the magnetic pattern it takes.
    Overmolding is possible with injection molding process.
    Injection molded magnets are produced in tens or hundreds of thousands of magnets per production run.

    Advantages of Injection Molding NdFeB Magnet
    • More complex shapes are possible
    • Overmold, insert mold, etc all possible
    • NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico and Ferrite versions possible
    • Hybrid versions as well (e.g. Ferrite+NdFeB) with combined properties
    • Low electrical conductivity, low eddy currents
    • Good tolerances. More resistant to chipping than compression bonded

    Disadvantages of Injection Molding NdFeB Magnet
    • Injection molded magnets offer lower magnetic performance than the compression bonded magnets (due to lower magnetic loading)
    • Possible tooling charges for production and magnetising

    Typical Applications of Injection Molded (Plastic) Magnets
    • Motors
    • Sensors
    • Injection molded rotor assemblies
    • Insert molded magnetic components
    • Overmolded magnetic components

    This means that you can produce magnets if you have injection molding machine and molding tooling. injection molded ndfeb
    Also, you can produce strong and complex magnetic force by magnetic field molding. we have wide range of grade with wide variety of magnetic performance suitable for your application. Please feel free to consult us. We will support you how to use materials.

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