Marathon Race Number Magnetic Race Bib Holders

/Marathon Race Number Magnetic Race Bib Holders
  • Marathon Race Number Magnetic Race Bib Holders
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    Product name: Marathon Race Number Magnetic Race Bib Holders Running Race Number Magnet
    Item No. MP-RRNM-01
    Color: White
    Design: The round shape without edges has been created to guarantee maximum grip. Many colors and designs available. The package can be reused to place the magnets after use.
    Usage: These magnets can be used in all sports where you use sports race numbers to be attached to shirts; Running, cycling, dancing, riding, etc.
    Customized: Create your own magnets with your company logo, event or sponsor. Realization in color with high visibility that lasts over time.
    Dimension: D19*3mm,D17*3mm
    Pacakge: 4 pairs per polybag

    Race Bib/Number Magnets
    Supplied as a set of four magnets so you can attach each corner of your race number to your vest/top.
    6 Great colours to choose from so you can match with your number of clothing.
    One set will last a lifetime so a fantastic investment if you enjoy running.
    The set of four magnets come in a resealable bag to keep them safe in your bag.
    Strong enough to keep your race number in place even through thick clothing.
    Allows you to stop using safety pins that are easily lost, can damage your expensive running clothing and can annoy you while running.

    The Ningbo Race Number Magnets are the simple and effective alternative to safety pins.
    Put a stop to ruining your expensive running clothing with standard issue safety pins and switch to a safer and easier alternative, the Ningbo Race Number Magnets!

    Putting the magnetic race bib number holders on is quick and easy. You can slide them around or hold one in place and move your number underneath it for a perfect placement. Try that with safety pins!

    The Ningbo Race Number Magnets, have small but extremely strong magnets that will hold your race number perfectly in place. These nickel-plated neodymium magnets have a strength of 1.1 kg per magnet! You can rest assured your race number won’t move even in very strong winds. Magnetic Wrist Holders for Hairdressers

    The Ningbo Race Number Magnets can be safely used with race numbers integrated with a timing chip or a heart rate monitor. However, make sure you don’t place the magnetic race bib number holders directly on the bib chip or heart rate monitor sensor.

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