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  • N40H Neodymium Iron Boron Motor Arc Magnets
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  • N40H Neodymium Iron Boron Motor Arc Magnets, Powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Segment Curved Magnet, permanent horseshoe sintered magnet, Stator and Rotor Magnet, dc permanent magnet motor generator, Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Motor Arc-shaped Magnets

    N40H Neodymium Iron Boron Motor Arc Magnets Parameter
    Part No. NSGN40H-78
    Dimensions Customized sizes
    Material Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB)
    Shape Arc / Segment
    Plating Nickel (Ni)
    Magnetization Direction Diameter
    Grade N40H
    Maximum Temperature: 120 Degree
    Magnetization: Inside Curve to Outside Curve
    Dimensional Tolerance +/-0.005″

    Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets, N38H Arc Magnets for Motorcycle Stator
    A class of rare earth material, neodymium magnets are available in both sintered and bonded forms,
    as well as custom configurations.
    Major Characteristics
    Most powerful (highest energy product) class of magnet material commercially available.
    High Br, relatively high Hc, high BHmax.
    Lower cost than samarium cobalt.
    Temperature sensitive.
    Susceptible to oxidation.
    With careful design, some grades will function up at temps up to 200°C (392°F.
    Energy product ranges from 10 MGOe to 53 MGOe
    Relative cost Index (by weight): 40

    In order to quote the best price to you in timely, please kindly provide the following information when you send the inquiry:
    Material type and grade required
    Size and shape, if available, a sketch or drawing with dimensions and tolerances.
    Coating of the magnets
    Application of the magnets
    Max working temperature
    Quantity required
    Magnetized or not? Magnetization direction?

    Arc magnets are a unique shape which are designed especially for motors, generators and alternators and are commonly used for both rotors and stators. They are also used in magnetic flywheel assemblies. In motor design a ring of magnets with alternating polarities on the inner radius rotate in close proximity to a number of copper coils. As the copper passes through the magnetic fields an electric current is induced within the copper.

    Four or more magnets with an equal number of north and south polarity on the inner radius can be used to create a multi-pole ring. All arc magnets are available with either pole on the inner radius.

    Coating of Neodymium Permanent Magnets

    Coating   THickness       Color              PTC        SST Characteristic
    Zn 4-8μm Bright Blue >24H~48H               Regular Protection,

                  Applicable to most products

    Colored Zn 4-8μm Shining Color >48H~72H               Excellent salt spray resistance
    NiCuNi 10-20μm Bright Silver >48H~72H >24H~48H               Excellent humidity,

                  heat&salt spray resistance


    Electroless Nickel 10-30m Bright Silver >72H >96H               Excellent humidity,

                  heat&salt spray resistance

    Black Nickel 10-20μm Bright Black >72H >48H~96H               Excellent humidity,

                  heat&salt spray resistance

    Sn 10-25μm Silver >48H >36H~72H              Excellent humidity,

                 heat&salt spray resistance

    Epoxy 10-30μm Black or Grey >72H~108H        Excellent humidity,heat&salt spray

           resistance,excellent adhesion



    ≤1μm Dark Grey <2.5H

    Emerge in 3%Nacl Liquor

                Temporary Protection
    Everlube 8-20μm Yellow  >72H >96H             Excellent salt spray resistance,

                Excellent adhesion

    Golden 10-15μm Golden >48H >12H            Good looking



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