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  • NdFeB Compression Bonded Anisotropic Magnets, Anisotropic NdFeB Ring Magnets, Plastic Compression Moulding Bonded Neo Magnets, Anisotropic Pressed Plastic Bonded Magnets, anisotropic radially unipolar and multipolar ring NdFeB magnets

    Ring NdFeB Compression Bonded Anisotropic Magnets Item No. ABNM-10
    Format: Any other dimensions can be supplied to order. The ring is gray epoxy coated.
    Maximum working temperature: 80ºC
    Observations: This manufacturing method allows for the creation of more complex geometric shapes. Pressed bonded magnets therefore have a variety of applications. Some examples are magnetic parts in motors, magnetic encoders for domestic white goods, washing machines, the automotive industry, etc.
    Measurements: According to customer specifications.

    Magnetics has available Neodymium (NdFeB) Bonded Magnets. Bonded magnets are one of the most important magnetic materials. It opened a new world of application possibilities. Thermo-elastomer and thermo-plastic resins can be blended together with a variety of magnetic powders to form injection molded, compression and flexible magnets.

    Bonded NdFeB magnets, Plastic Bonded Neodymium Magnets are manufactured by binding rapid-quenching NdFeB powder. The powder is mixed with resin to form a magnet by compression molding with epoxy or infection molding with nylon.
    The latter technique is particular effective in large volume production, though the magnetic value of products is lower than those made with compression molding because of their relatively lower density.

    Various shapes of high dimensional accuracy can be produced without further processing. Surface is treated by epoxy coating or nickel-plating to prevent corrosion.

    Hybrid magnets to create different magnetic properties
    With different ratio of additives to NdFeB powder, magnetic properties of hybrid NdFeB magnets can be tuned in a wide range. Once the ratio is fixed, magnetic property fluctuation can still be limited in a narrow bank. Hybrid magnets will meet customers’ specified properties.

    Characteristics for the initial magnetization of NdFeB bonded magnets, neodymium anisotropic bonded magnets
    Rapidly quenched NdFeB powder used for bonded magnets is multi grain with grain size of sub-micron. Powder is isotropic in magnetic properties, which results in flat increasing of remanence and intrinsic coercivity with applied field. Magnet can only be magnetized to saturation in high fields.

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