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    NdFeB Injection Molding Plastic Magnet Technical
    Material: Plastic Binders and NdFeB Powder
    Method: Injection Mold
    Part No.: MPBD-IM07H466
    Magnetization: 16-poles
    Application: rotor, sensor, motor
    Grade: BNI-5
    Automotive Application
    Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Operation Temperature: 180 °C
    Delivery Time: 15-30 days
    Made in China

    Injection molded magnet is one of the more important developments in magnetic materials, it has opened a new world of application opportunities. Similar to plastic injection molding, magnet injection molding process is by mixing the magnetic powder together with polymer binder, heated in the injection machine and shooting the melted mixtures into the mold to achieve different shapes of products.

    NdFeB Injection Molding Plastic Magnet Attention:
    The strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can also damage magnetic media such as floppy disks, credit cards, magnetic I. D. Cards, cassette tapes, video tapes or other such devices. They can also damage televisions, VCRs, computer monitors and other CRT displays. Never place neodymium magnets near electronic appliances.  injection plastic rotor magnet, rotor neo plastic injection magnet, small rotor injection plastic magnets
    Never allow neodymium magnets near a person with a pacemaker or similar medical aid. The strong magnetic fields of the magnet can affect the operation of such devices.  Rotor Neo Plastic Injection Magnet
    Neodymium magnets are brittle and prone to chipping and cracking. They do not take kindly to machining.
    Neodymium magnets will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 175F (80C).
    Neodymium magnets should never be burned, as burning them will create toxic fumes.
    Like any tool or toy, neodymium magnets can be fun and useful, but must always be treated with care.

    Applications of Neodymium Magnet
    Magnetic separators
    Microphone assemblies
    Servo motors
    DC motors (automotive starters) and other motors
    Sensors Attributes of Neodymium Magnet
    With the advantages of outstanding mechanical
    Strength and high accuracy in dimension, this Kind of magnets is resistant to shock and Usually, further machining is not required. So that Lot production is easy to be implemented.

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