NdFeB Separator Magnet Tube Rod Φ25mmX800mm

/NdFeB Separator Magnet Tube Rod Φ25mmX800mm
  • NdFeB Separator Magnet Tube Rod Φ25mmX800mm
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  • NdFeB Separator Magnet Tube Rod Φ25mmX800mm, 14000 Gauss Neodymium Rectangle Round Magnetic Cartridge Bar Rod, Magnetic Filter Bar, Magnet Water Filter, Magnetic Separation Rods, Round Bar Shape Magnetic Filter Tubes, Permanent Separator Rod Magnets, Easy Clean Magnetic Probe filter bar magnets, Grid Magnet China supplier

    NdFeB Separator Magnet Tube Rod Φ25mmX800mm , Item No.  MPNBM-27  TECH SPECS:

    Voice Name Symbol SI CGS
    Shape Diameter D 25 mm 2.5 cm
    diameter d 10 mm 1 cm
    Length L 800 mm 80 cm
    Screw M 6 mm 0.6 cm
    direction of magnetization M A
    Weight Net 2.945 kg 2945 g
    Surface treatment Polish  μm
    Surface magnetic flux density B 1400 mT 14000 Gauss
    Suction force
    F  kgf  gf
    Magnetic flux density on load point Bd  mT  Gauss
    Total flux φo  Wb  Mx
    Permeance Coefficient Pc  Pc
    Maximum usage temperature Tw 100 ℃
    Minimum usage temperature Tw  ℃
    Material properties Materialsymbols Magnetic Bar 316
    remanence Br – mT – kG
    Coercivity Hcb – kA/m  kOe
    Intrinsic coercive force Hcj – kA/m  kOe
    Maximum energy product BH – kj/m3  MGOe
    Temperature coefficient Br – %/℃
    Hcj – %/℃
    Heat resistant temperature Tw – ℃
    Curie temperature Tc – ℃
    Density ρ – kg/m3
    Remarks REACH RoHS Directive

    magnetic tubes (magnetic rods) are a simple low-cost form of magnetic separation. Used in a variety of industries from food or plastics processing to chemical and powder processing, they can be easily installed into machinery or assembled according to the wishes of the customers. Encased in 316 stainless steel tube 25.4mm diameter, they are manufactured with high intensity rare earth magnets (up to 12,000 gauss). We manufacture them specifically to the length requested by the customer. The sealed stainless steel ends can be left blank or drilled and tapped for fixing purposes. Tube Rod Neodymium Magnet Φ25mmX500mm

    The majority of Separator Magnet Tubes contain NdFeB Rare Earth magnets but versions containing Ferrite magnets, SmCo Rare Earth magnets and Alnico magnets also exist. The NdFeB versions come as standard strength and high intensity strength as the two main options. Our Food Grade Range are all encased in a food quality stainless steel (usually SS304 but SS316 is also offered). By having a food quality stainless steel casing, the Separator magnet Rods are corrosion resistant and easy to clean.  NdFeB Magnetic Separation Bar Φ25mmX700mm

    The “standard” Separator Rod is SS304 encased, contains NdFeB magnets, offers 10kGauss (1 Tesla) at multiple locations along its length, is 25mm in diameter available in lengths varying from 50mm up to 500mm in 50mm increments, has M8 tapped holes at the ends and is rated to work in temperatures up to +80 deg C. We can offer variations from this standard design as well.

    The MPCO Magnetics separator rods are ideal for capturing ferrous contamination. They are capable, particularly with the more powerful units, of capturing ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials as well as materials with permeability noticeably greater than 1, such as some of the paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials. For maximum capture the debris really need to get into direct contact with the Magnetic Rods / Magnetic Separator Rods. Magnetic Separation Tube Neo Bars Φ25mmX600mm

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