Neodymium Magnetic Filter Bar Φ10mmX300mm

/Neodymium Magnetic Filter Bar Φ10mmX300mm
  • Neodymium Magnetic Filter Bar Φ10mmX300mm
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    Neodymium Magnetic Filter Bar Φ10mmX300mm , Item No.  MPNBM-3  TECH SPECS:

    Voice Name Symbol SI CGS
    Shape Diameter D 10 mm 1 cm
    diameter d 10 mm 1 cm
    Length L 300 mm 30 cm
    Screw M 6 mm 0.6 cm
    direction of magnetization M A
    Weight Net 0.176 kg 176 g
    Surface treatment Polish  μm
    Surface magnetic flux density B 600 mT 6000 Gauss
    Suction force
    F  kgf  gf
    Magnetic flux density on load point Bd  mT  Gauss
    Total flux φo  Wb  Mx
    Permeance Coefficient Pc  Pc
    Maximum usage temperature Tw 100 ℃
    Minimum usage temperature Tw  ℃
    Material properties Materialsymbols Magnetic Bar 316
    remanence Br – mT – kG
    Coercivity Hcb – kA/m  kOe
    Intrinsic coercive force Hcj – kA/m  kOe
    Maximum energy product BH – kj/m3  MGOe
    Temperature coefficient Br – %/℃
    Hcj – %/℃
    Heat resistant temperature Tw – ℃
    Curie temperature Tc – ℃
    Density ρ – kg/m3
    Remarks REACH RoHS Directive

    General Description of Magnetic Filter Bar: Magnetic Filter Bars provide an effective means removing ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are usually constructed of 304 stainless steel tubes, or 316 stainless steel tubes for special domains filled with Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnet. Either round or square shape bars are available for customers’ desiring for special applications.

    Application: Magnetic filters may apply in medicines, sanitation, textile, machinery and foodstuffs. The filer will attract iron/steel substances away from liquids, from among grains or powders.  Neodymium Round Tube Magnet Φ10mmX200mm

    Our standard bars is 25mm.(1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers’ request up to 2500mm.. Besides, we also take special orders, such as square shape Magnetic bars.

    Maximum Operation Temperature: 6 serieses are available for customer to choose from

    N series  up to 80 degree C
    M series  up to 100 degree C
    H series  up to 120 degree C
    SH series  up to 150 degree C
    UH series  up to 180 degree C
    EH series  up to 200 degree C

    Threaded Hole:
    1,Tapped threaded holes at each end for easy installation.
    2,Tapped one threaded hole at one end, and the other end is plain welded.
    3,Both of ends are plain welded.

    Magnet Strength:
    Per customers’ requirement. The highest is up to 12,000GS (1.2T).
    Following is the relationship between diameter, magnetic strength and Maximum Operation Temperature for reference:

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