Permanent Filter Magnetic Rod Cylinder Φ100mmX100mm

/Permanent Filter Magnetic Rod Cylinder Φ100mmX100mm
  • Permanent Filter Magnetic Rod Cylinder Φ100mmX100mm
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  • Permanent Filter Magnetic Rod Cylinder Φ100mmX100mm, 13000 Gauss Neodymium Rectangle Round Magnetic Cartridge Bar Rod, Magnetic Filter Bar, Magnet Water Filter, Magnetic Separation Rods, Round Bar Shape Magnetic Filter Tubes, Permanent Separator Rod Magnets, Easy Clean Magnetic Probe filter bar magnets, Grid Magnet China supplier

    Permanent Filter Magnetic Rod Cylinder Φ100mmX100mm , Item No.  MPNBM-46 TECH SPECS:

    Name Symbol SI CGS
    Shape Diameter D 100 mm 10 cm
    diameter d 6 mm 0.6 cm
    Length L 100 mm 10 cm
    Screw M 20 mm 2 cm
    direction of magnetization M A
    Weight Net 5.89 kg 5890 g
    Surface treatment Polish  μm
    Surface magnetic flux density B 1300 mT 13000 Gauss
    Suction force
    F  kgf  gf
    Magnetic flux density on load point Bd  mT  Gauss
    Total flux φo  Wb  Mx
    Permeance Coefficient Pc  Pc
    Maximum usage temperature Tw 100 ℃
    Minimum usage temperature Tw  ℃
    Material properties Materialsymbols Magnetic Bar 316
    remanence Br – mT – kG
    Coercivity Hcb – kA/m  kOe
    Intrinsic coercive force Hcj – kA/m  kOe
    Maximum energy product BH – kj/m3  MGOe
    Temperature coefficient Br – %/℃
    Hcj – %/℃
    Heat resistant temperature Tw – ℃
    Curie temperature Tc – ℃
    Density ρ – kg/m3
    Remarks REACH RoHS Directive

    This Magnetic Separator Bar or Tube magnet has a 100mm length, a 100mm width and a 6mm thread on each end. It is made with a strong neodymium magnet encased in stainless steel. This separator magnetic tube is identified by the MPCO magnets part.  Separator Filter Magnetic Bar Φ76mmX300mm

    Uses for our separator bar tube magnets:
    Separation was a problem, a sweet sorrow, for Romeo and Juliet and ultimately for their interfering, feuding families. No such separation anxiety however for food and beverage producers who routinely separate metallic impurities from their raw materials with the assistance of Separator Bars and Tube Magnets.

    Steel machinery and equipment is used to grow, harvest, contain, subdue, slaughter, store, deliver and process almost all foodstuffs. At each turnover point, these sustenance providing liquids, grains and meat and vegetable products are exposed to a magnetic field to attract, capture and secure for removal, metallic impurities that can adulterate otherwise pristine organic material during its procurement.

    Food and beverage producers install their own tube or bar magnets throughout their production chain to guard against hazardous material entering foodstuffs destined for human consumption. The cost to benefit ratio is pronounced when compared to the risk to human life and other losses can include reputational damage, product recalls and increased liability insurance premiums.

    Our 100mm separator bar magnet is ideal for attracting unwanted swarf and metal pieces on the production line.

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