Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets D15x5mm

/Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets D15x5mm
  • Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets D15x5mm
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  • Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets D15x5mm, High Performance Diametrically & Axial Magnetized Anisotropic Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth SmCo Round Magnets for various motors, instruments, sensors, detectors, radar, Magnetic Materials High Temperature Permanent Disk Magnets, Powerful Sintered Samarium Cobalt Disc Magnet China Supplier

    Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Round Magnets D15x5mm Item NO.  MPCO-SCD series
    Grade: YXG-26 / Customized
    Material: Sm1Co5, Sm2Co17 Magnet
    Composite: Sm,Co,Fe and other trace metal elements
    Shape: Disc / Round / Disk
    Size: D20x5mm or Customized magnet size
    Working Tempt. : 250℃-350 ℃
    Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.1mm

    Samarium Cobalt Magnet Features
    Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) disc magnets are powerful magnets rare earth magnets composed of samarium and cobalt. They are commonly used in high performance motors, magnetic couplings and magnetic separators. These are brittle magnets and are prone to cracking and chipping. Samarium magnets can be used for high temperature applications where neodymium will not work. Anisotropic Permanent Sintered Smco Magnet, High Powerful Strong 8mm Dia x 1mm SmCo Disc Magnet, Round Disc Permanent SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnet Available Sample, Small Samarium Cobalt Disk Magnets D5x1.5mm YXG-26

    SmCo Permanent Round Disc Magnets D15x5mm

    SmCo Permanent Round Disc Magnets D15x5mm

    Features include:
    Samarium cobalt magnets are hard and brittle and may chip or break if dropped.
    They have high magnetic properties
    Samarium cobalt magnets offer good thermal stability
    Samarium cobalt magnets are resistant to corrosion
    Samarium cobalt magnets resistant to demagnetization
    Temperature Considerations

    Physical properties of SmCo magnet

    Grade Modulus of elasticy Ultimate tensile strength Density Electrical Resistivity Curie temperature Recoil permeability Temp.Coeff.of Br
    SmCo5 23 x 106 psi 6 x 103 psi 8.2 g/cm3 5 µ-ohm-cm/cm2 750-770℃ 1.05 From -0.043 to -0.045% / ℃
    Sm2Co17 17 x 106 psi 5 x 103 psi 8.4 g/cm3 86 µ-ohm-cm/cm2 825-850℃ 1.05 From -0.03 to -0.032% / ℃

    China Industrial High Performance Disc Sm1Co5 Magnets
    1. High resistance to demagnetization
    2. High energy (magnetic strength is strong for its size)
    3. Good temperature stability
    Computer disc drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems, motors where temporary stability is vital.

    High Temperature Permanent Disk Samarium Cobalt Magnets

    High Temperature Permanent Disk Samarium Cobalt Magnets

    SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) permanent magnet
    SmCo magnets has the highest temperature of 350℃, it has high magnetic properties,excellent temperature characteristic and corrosion resistance.It is widely used in aerospace, electronic instruments, magnetic pumps, high temperature lamps, sensors andother fields. Small SmCo Rare Earth Disc Magnets D20x5mm YXG-28H
    And it can be produced in different shapes(round, square, ring, tile, bread), different properties (SmCo5 and Sm2Co17), different sizes(Wafer diameter1≤R≤100mm,Square≤130mm)

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