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  • Vacuum Sensor Injection NdFeB Magnets, Outer 6poles Magnetizing Injection Molded Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet for Vacuum sensor, bonded NdFeB thermoplastic permanent magnet assemblies for Industrial Application, Home Appliance and Automotive, BNI-5SR Injection Molding Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron China Factory

    Vacuum Sensor Injection NdFeB Magnets Technical
    Material: Plastic Binders and NdFeB Powder
    Method: Injection Mold
    Part No.: MPBD-IM07H161
    Magnetization:16poles for axial
    Application:sensor magnet for vacuum
    Flux Force:distance 4.5mm per pole ≥100GS
    Grade: BNI-5SR
    Application: Home Appliance
    Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Operation Temperature:  180 °C
    Delivery Time: 15-30 days
    Made in China

    The introduction of Injection NdFeB Magnet
    injection NdFeB magnets combine high magnetic strength with excellent physical properties to offer a variety of features and benefits. Customer-made compounds that best meet application’s magnetic, mechanical and environmental requirement. Binders are available with Nylon6, Nylon12 and PPS, and Magnetic materials available: Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo and the hybrid magnets. Diverse magnetizing direction: Diametrically, axially, radially, multi-poles or locally magnetized.
    • High magnetic output coupled with excellent mechanical strength
    • Molded magnets are more chip resistant than sintered magnets making handing easier on assembly lines.
    • Can be either simple in shape or of complex geometry.
    • The binders and magnetic alloys utilized are capable of a wide range of application temperature from -40℃ to 80 ℃.
    • Insert molding is injection of magnet compound over, inside or against an existing component resulting in an assembly.
    • Each finished good is unique in size, shape, magnetic and mechanical properties.

    The Application of Injection NdFeB Magnet
    Injection NdFeB Magnets markets served
    • Motor stators and rotors
    • Sensor magnets and assemblies
    • Coupling assembly
    • Precision gauge meters
    • Other markets such as modern household appliances, office automation devices, communications devices, defense, aerospace, marine application.

    Plastic bonded NdFeB magnets can be effectively used without an external protective coating, unlike their sintered counterparts. This helps to bring costs down as well as actually improving the strength of adhesion when it comes to bonding magnets to various other metal components. sensor motor plastic magnets, injection molded neodymium magnet, injection molded magnet

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