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  • China Educational Magnets Manufacturer

Educational Magnets

China Educational Magnets Manufacturer MPCO can produce many types of educational magnets for users. Commonly used educational magnets are in shapes of rectangle bar, cylinder bar, U type horseshoe), sometimes to be used together with other special-shaped permanent magnets. China Educational Magnets Manufacturer These kinds of magnets are usually manufactured in material of [...]

  • U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets

U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets

U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets Horseshoe & U-Shaped Magnets - AlNiCo & Ferrite Magnets for Education, Experiment, Students Dedicated, Toy MPCO is a leading manufacturer of alnico horseshoe magnets, U-shaped ferrite magnets for education, teaching, stationery, toy etc. U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets If you demand such permanent magnet products, please give us the information below: Production [...]

  • Learning Resources Iron Filings

Learning Resources Iron Filings

Learning Resources Iron Filings Fine Iron Filings Magnetic Iron Powder for Magnet Education and School Projects - Discover The World of Magnetics & See Magnetic Lines of This Unseen Force & More Iron filings are conveniently and permanently encased in durable plastic Explore magnetism and magnetic fields without a mess Includes 5 durable clear plastic [...]

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