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  • Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Neodymium Sewing Magnets Sew-in Magnet, Sewing Magnet, Magnetic Snaps, Invisible Hidden Sew-in Magnets Invisible, soft plastic allows you to easily sew these magnetic snaps into handbags, totes, clutches and more! With Invisible Sew-in Magnet Snaps, your finished projects will look cleaner and more professional — and the installation couldn’t be easier! These powerful little magnet [...]

The Best Magnetic Keychains

The Best Magnetic Keychains Magnets. How do they work? In the case of your everyday carry, they work best where you want a secure connection that's still conveniently quick to release. And there's arguably no better place for this than on your keychain! Throwing magnets into the mix makes removing your keys to unlock a [...]

  • Custom Magnet Name Badges

Custom Magnet Name Badges

Custom Magnet Name Badges, Magnetic Name Tags | Custom Name Tags Get Your Magnetic Name Tags or Name Badges - Quick and in a Hurry 1. Select the type of Name Tag or Name Badge that you need 2. Submit order requirements (size, names, quantity) 3. Approve proof and submit payment - your custom order [...]

  • NdFeB Name Badge Magnets

Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic Name Badges, Magnetic Name Tags, Name Badge Magnetic Attachments, Name Badge Magnets, Magnetic Badge Holders MPCO Magnetic Name badge holder can be used to hold many size of ID cards or name tags.Two pieces permanent magnet set can be attach direactly to clothing, do not need any pins, clips. To avoid the damage of [...]

  • Magnetic Badge Holder Attachments

Magnetic Badge Holder Attachments

Magnetic Badge Holder Attachments Magnetic badge is consist of two parts, the outer part is a nickel-plated steel bar, it is with double-sided foam tape attached. Peel the release paper from the tape, attach it to your name badge, business card, jewelry, or anything else which you plan to attach to your clothing. The inner [...]

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