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  • 900KG Box Magnets

900KG Box Magnets

900KG Box Magnets are the typical size for fixing and positioning wooden shutter lateral sides on the tiling table. It's warmly welcomed in the Russian and Europ market. Usually, it needs an additional adaptor to connect with a wooden shutter profile. 900KG Box Magnets BENEFITS OF Shuttering Magnet: 1. Reducing the complexity and [...]

  • Magnetic Box

What Is A Magnetic Box?

What Is A Magnetic Box? Magnetic Box - With development of the construction industry, precast concrete has become a new type of green environmental protection cast-in-place concrete and has been widely used. Walls, floors, and even roofs, from private homes to a huge building, are more durable, flexible and economical. Compared with the old on-site casting [...]

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