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  • Rare Earth and Non-Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth and Non-Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth and Non-Rare Earth Magnets The Differences Between Like in most subjects if you learn the terminology you have at least a consumer level knowledge that will get you to the types, shapes & strength magnets you are looking for. Rare Earth Magnets at MPCO Magnetics Ceramic (non Rare Earth) Magnets at  MPCO Magnetics There [...]

  • Precision Magnetic Assemblies

Precision Magnetic Assemblies

Precision Magnetic Assemblies - From large volume production of magnetic assemblies for the automotive industry to small volume highly specialized aerospace system components, MPCO Magnetics is your worldwide design and manufacturing partner for precision magnetic assemblies and systems. MPCO is a premier supplier of components and precision magnetic assemblies for the military, aerospace, industrial, automotive [...]

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Nomenclature of NdFeB Grades

Nomenclature of NdFeB Grades Chinese Standard - commonly used globally, especially in EU Minimum Values Material Br Hcb (Hc) Hcj (Hci) (BH)max mT G kA/m Oe kA/m mT G kA/m N27   1,030 10,300 796 10,000 955 12,000 119 25 N30   1,080 10,800 796 10,000 955 12,000 223 28 N33   1,130 11,300 836 [...]

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